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Universal Drive

File store shared drive

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a benefit that has started to replace six existing benefits. This database contains details of customers claiming Universal Credit through Pathfinder sites. The information...

Admissions Appeals Survey

The Admissions appeals survey is a statutory survey collected from local authorities and covers all primary and secondary level schools which are under local authority control i.e. community and...

Appeals against Admissions

Information relating to appeals including infant class appeals lodged by parents against non-admission during the previous academic year.

Immigration Statistics: admissions

This release replaces the previous annual and quarterly publications Control of Immigration Statistics and the annual British Citizenship, following a public consultation. Each topic now has its...

US Universities

MACC - List of Endorsing US Universities of Marshall Scholars

Universal Credit Household Survey

A quantitative survey for 5529 customers concerning their attitudes to work and benefits.

Hospital admissions: Accidents

Hospital episodes: Serious accidental injury relating to hospital admissions Source: Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), Office for National Statistics (ONS) Publisher: Information Centre (IC) -...

Admissions timeline

A dataset showing the key dates for schools admissions in Leeds.  Further information ------------------- * For more information please visit:...

School Admissions

This dataset shows school admissions, number of places offered for a given intake year at each school at annual National Offer Day (01 March - Secondary, and 16 April - Primary/Junior - these dates...

Stroke: Emergency hospital admissions

The number of finished and unfinished continuous inpatient spells (CIPS) for patients of all ages with an emergency method of admission and with any of the following primary diagnoses 1)...

Emergency admissions for acute conditions that should not usually require hospital admission (CCGOIS 3.1)

Directly age and sex standardised admission rate for emergency admissions for acute conditions that should not usually require hospital admission per 100,000 registered patients, 95% confidence...

Emergency admissions for acute conditions that should not usually require hospital admission (NHSOF 3a)

The indicator measures the number of emergency admissions to hospital in England for acute conditions such as ear/nose/throat infections, kidney/urinary tract infections and angina, among others,...

Spend over £25,000 in the University Hospitals of Leicester

Details of spend over £25,000 in the University Hospitals of Leicester

School admission appeals

Appeals data for primary and secondary schools by academic year. **Please note** ·  There are a number of schools that hear appeals that are not recorded on Leeds City Council's admissions...

NHS Inpatient and Outpatient Waiting: Elective Admission Events

Quarterly monitoring of hospital inpatient activity Source agency: Health Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: NHS Inpatient and Outpatient Waiting: Elective...

Admission Appeals for Maintained Primary and Secondary Schools in England

This SFR provides information about appeals lodged by parents during the academic year against non-admission of their children to their preferred school. It includes all appeals lodged during the...

Universal Credit: Claimants

Universal Credit: Claimants

A Global Positioning System (GPS) survey of graffiti around the central campus of The University of Edinburgh

Graffiti study in central Edinburgh around the University central campus. Points record the size and nature of the graffiti and are accompanied by a photograph.

Emergency Hospital Admissions for Diabetes

This indicator is one measure of the prevention, identification and management of people at risk of developing diabetes and those with the condition. It shows adverse outcomes as annual numbers of...