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2007 - 2007 Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (Cefas) North Sea GOV Gear Trials 2007/08 - Fisheries Science Partnership

To quantify the rate of escape of commercially targeted fish underneath the ground gear and through the gaps between the fishing line and ground gear of the GOV trawl used in the North Sea...

Vertical Aerial Photography

Vertical aerial photography is an airborne mapping technique, which uses a high-resolution camera mounted vertically underneath the aircraft to capture reflected light in the red, green, blue and...

Carbon dioxide and methane emissions from incubated streambed sediments from the rivers Tern and Lambourn, England (2015)

The dataset contains carbon dioxide and methane emissions, as well as resorufin production (as a proxy for microbial metabolic activity) and dissolved oxygen concentrations, resulting from...