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All GPC Transparency Reports

The Food Standards Agency publishes all Government procurement card (GPC) transactions. This supports the Government's drive for transparency and the Agency's own core value of openness and...

Domestic Price Transparency

Quarterly survey of volume and value of sales to domestic consumers, by sizeband, for the 6 major domestic electricity and gas suppliers, plus a few independents.

HMRC Tax Transparency Sector Board

The primary purpose of the Tax Transparency Sector Board is to drive the Departmental transparency agenda and the release of HMRC information in line with the Commissioners for Revenue and Customs...

Defra Transparency Panel

The purpose of the sector transparency panels is to support delivery of the transparency agenda in their sector. The overarching purpose of the Defra Network Transparency Panel is to oversee the...

Industrial Price Transparency

Quarterly survey of volume and value of sales to non-domestic consumers, by sizeband, for major domestic electricity and gas suppliers.

Transparency Data

Senior salaries and divisional staff salary bands

Transparency Agenda Governance Structure

A map of all of the bodies and organisations involved in the government transparency agenda and the relationships between them.

MACC Transparency Spend

MACC - Spend over £25,000

Border Force Transparency Data

This dataset contains data on: * clearance of passengers at the border * drug seizure volumes * drug seizures * convention on international trade in endangered species * tax revenue that is...

Transparency in Procurement and Contracting Progress Reports

Quarterly reports showing progress of core departments in publishing tenders and contracts on Contracts Finder.

Performance Indicators : Transparency

Key Performance Indicators related to Transparency

Transparency Data Tenders

Transparency Data for Tenders over £5,000. This information is provided as a live dataset in realtime.

International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Milestones

FCO plan to achieve IATI standards by 31 March 2014

Technology Strategy Board Transparency Data

Required Transparency Data Salary Bands

Travel Data - Transparency Agenda and FOI Request

The Government Procurement Service (GPS) is in receipt of a request under the Freedom of Information Act to release the following data: Flight bookings made by GPS customers through the various...

UK Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

The fourth Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) report covers payments and data for the 2017 calendar year and includes a short summary of the UK extractives sector and a...

Ministerial and special advisers quarterly transparency information

A quarterly-updated list of all gifts given by ministers. Please note that subsequent data is now being published on GOV.UK and can be accessed using the link below:

St.Helens Council Transparency Figures Expenditure over £500

St.Helens Council Transparency Figures Expenditure over £500

Financial Transparency 2016-2017

Barrow Borough Council believes, as a public funded organisation, greater transparency is key for the delivery of its Council services and as a duty to the residents it serves. The Financial...

Transparency Data Contracts

Transparency Data for Contracts over £5,000