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Job Preparation Premium

The Job Preparation Premium was a weekly payment made for a maximum of 26 weeks to customers who carried out some form of activity which would help them towards paid employment.

Preparer ID

A Registration Service for Preparers and Presenters together with Manufacturers holding name, address, email & telephone details etc.

Approved Less Than Thoroughly Cooked Meat Establishments

Establishments approved for the production of minced meat and/or meat preparations intended to be eaten less than thoroughly cooked


On 28th May 2010, the government announced its intention to publish all central Government expenditure over £25,000 on-line at The documents listed below are Ofgem’s supplier payments...

Approved Food Establishments

A full list of establishments approved to handle, prepare or produce products of animal origin for which requirements are laid down in Regulation (EC) No 853/2004.

Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate Register

Electronic Register containing all data in relation to Energy Performance Certificates that have been prepared for both new build and existing non-domestic buildings, Display Energy Certificates...

Forest Plans England

This scheme is now closed. Forest Plans have been introduced for landowners who are planning to carry out felling, restocking and thinning in their woodlands over a 20 year period. The Forestry...

Domestic Energy Performance Certificate Register

Electronic register containing all data in relation to Energy Performance Certificates that have been prepared for both new build and existing dwellings in England and Wales. EPCs for existing...

Evaluation of the new family returns process

The report evaluates the conformity to process, welfare and safeguarding, preparation and barriers to return of families.

Natural England Joint Nature Conservation Committee official briefings

Ministerial and senior official briefings prepared by the team. Providing an audit trail of the advice to ministers

Food and You biennial consumer survey (2010, 2012, 2014)

The Food and You survey provides information about reported behaviours, attitudes and knowledge relating to food issues. It provides data on people’s reported food purchasing, storage, preparation,...

UKCCSRC Call 1 Project: Mixed matrix membranes preparation for post-combustion capture

Membrane processes are a promising alternative to the more classical post-combustion capture technologies due to the reduced maintenance of the process, the absence of dangerous solvents and their...

Anti-Social Behaviour Orders

Data on the number of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) are prepared by the Ministry of Justice using information supplied by the courts since 1999.

Locard - Evidence

Locard - adapted from police evidence capture system. Plans to use in house Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) system in preparation.

DFID Annual Accounts 2011-2012

DFID's Accounts are prepared in accordance with the 2011-2012 Government Financial Reporting Manual (FReM), issued by HM Treasury. The accounting policies contained in the FReM apply International...

The National Archives - OSCAR Spending Data

This spreadsheet gives the most recent actual and forecast income and expenditure for the current financial year that The National Archives has submitted to Treasury. OSCAR is used by the...

UKCCSRC Call 1 project blog: Mixed Matrix Membrane Preparation for PCC, Update, 22.01.14

This is a blog (Update, 22.01.14) on the UKCCSRC Call 1 project, Mixed Matrix Membrane Preparation for PCC. Grant number: UKCCSRC-C1-36.

Local authority plan making data

Data collected up to December 2010, used to track the progress of local authority plan preparation.

Notes to Resource Accounts

Data prepared by HR from SAP payroll system giving remuneration details of Board members; Ministers etc as required for resource account disclosure

UKCCSRC Call 1 project presentation: Mixed Matrix Membrane Preparation for PCC, Cranfield Biannual, 22.04.15

This presentation on the UKCCSRC Call 1 project, Mixed Matrix Membrane Preparation for PCC, was presented at the Cranfield Biannual, 22.04.15. Grant number: UKCCSRC-C1-36.