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ONS VML Business Spend on Capital Items (BSCI)

Survey covering total capital expenditure of businesses.

Taxable Benefits in Kind and Expense Payments

Information about the taxable benefits in kind paid by employers, including the number of recipients, the taxable value of the benefits and tax and NIC liabilities on them. Previously listed under...

Kindness and Resilience

[We are Calderdale 2019]( is an assembly of public, private, community and voluntary sector partners within Calderdale. To support the event,...

Items of expenditure over £25,000

Individual items of British Council spend over £25,000. This information is published in line with UK Central Government commitment's transparency commitment in 2010 and also under the requirments...

Newcastle Libraries catalogue items

Extract from the Library Management System (LMS) showing the items held in the libraries' catalogue. Additional information ---------------------- item = unique number allocated to each copy on...

Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Taxable benefits in kind and expenses payments

Provides general information on all HMRC taxes, including tax receipts, the number of taxpayers, personal tax credits, child benefit and estimates of the cost of tax expenditures and structural...

Organogram and staff data for ONE

A list of most Senior Civil Service posts in the One North East including title, contact details, their line manager, and where disclosed, the name of the officer. Vacant posts are listed as...

Measuring Benefits in Kind

This article looks at how benefits in kind households receive from the state are measured within the Effects of Taxes and Benefits on Household Income publication and how the methodology behind...

Library Catalogue New Items

An RSS Feed of new items added to the WCC Library Catalogue. Data Items include: Title, Author, Category (may be multiple) and a Description which includes the ISBN reference and year of publication.

One-in, one-out: statement of new regulation

Underlying data for the publication of One-in, One-out: Statement of New Regulation [URN 11/P96A + 11/P96B + 12/P96A]

Business Look Up Table (ONS)

Data compiled from the Office of National Statistics matching VAT no, PAYE and Company references

One North East Financial Transparency Report

One North East Financial Transparency Report

Business spending on capital items

Provides information for the national accounts and economists. It is also used to calculate weights for combining appropriate producer price indices for deflating the quarterly capital expenditure...

Water Framework Directive Classification Item Hierarchy

This spreadsheet defines the relationships between Water Framework Directive (WFD) classification items. Classifications are arranged according to the classification hierarchy. Data are sourced...

Tree Preservation Orders schedule items

The dataset contains polygons for Tree Preservation Order Schedule Items within the London Borough of Barnet. Tree Preservation Orders are made by the local planning authority to protect specific...

One North East Prompt Payment Data

One North East Prompt Payment Data

Defence Logistic Information Item of Supply Information System (ISIS)

Includes information on standards

Number of children provided with one-to-one support by IDAS

Number of children provided with one-to-one support by IDAS

Items over £25k 2017-18

Monthly spend over £25k for 2017-18

NHS SWE items of spend over £25,000

A monthly-updated list of all financial transactions spending over £25,000 made by NHS South West Essex, as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure.