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Port Locations

Port Locations

Prison locations

Available as a search tool at

Court locations

List of all courts in England and Wales. Search tool with an API Beta-service at the moment.

UK Location Catalogue Publishing Service

The OGC CSW / INSPIRE Discovery Service for the UK Location catalogue. Note: the OGC Harvest / INSPIRE Publish operation is implemented by

Speed Camera Locations

Speed Camera Locations

Armed Forces by stationed location

UK Regular Forces: stationed location Source: Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) Publisher: Defence Analytical Services and Advice (DASA) Geographies: Local Authority District (LAD),...

UK Foreign Post locations

This is a list of the locations where HMG has a diplomatic presence. It will list the country and city of each post and will detail the nature of the delegation (embassy/consulate/High Commission).

Lighthouse Locations - RIMNET

Lighhouse locations hosting RIMNET monitoring equipment

Enterprise zone point locations

Rough point locations for each of the English Enterprise Zones in the country

Petrol Station Locations

Petrol Station Locations This data is commercial data

Taxi rank locations

Taxi rank locations

Police station locations

Location and contact deails for police stations on

UK Location Metadata Summary Reports

Reports containg summary information about UK Location discovery metadata published on

GB Reported Bicycling Accident Locations

UK Government official data on the locations of bicycling accidents reported to the police for the years 2005-7 on roads around Great Britain.

CIO-DSAS STRAP Location Database

Details of all STRAP Certified Areas and associated inspection reports (STRAP Team, serial 2, of CIO-DSAS Information Asset Register)

Natural England office locations

Natural England office locations. Attribution statement: © Natural England copyright.

Dune Slack Likely Locations

This record is for Approval for Access product AfA440. This product shows the likely locations and boundaries of dune slacks for sites around England. A dune slack is a depression in coastal dune...

Peaty Soils Location

The Peat Layer was produced by Natural England (ARM team) during June-October 2008, with the aim of identifying the extent of three classes of peaty soils for the purposes of the Partnership...

Rail asset locations

Rail asset locations

Routine Environmental Monitoring Locations

This record is for Approval for Access (AfA) product AfA436. This dataset shows the names and locations where the Environment Agency carries out planned, routine environmental monitoring. Details...