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Licensing and Network Regulation

Includes casework, enforcement, holding operators to account and policy development

Drug Licensing Database - Domestic Licensing

Copies of all active licences for Controlled Drugs and Precursor Chemicals.

Spending Over £25,000 in the Football Licensing Authority

Details of payments above £25,000 made by the Football Licensing Authority.

Vehicle Licensing Statistics

Annual report providing a range of key statistics relating to licensed vehicles and new vehicle registrations in Great Britain. Source agency: Transport Designation: National...

Vehicle Licensing Statistcs 2008

Summary statistics relating to licensed vehicles and new registrations in Great Britain for 2008.

Vehicle Licensing Statistcs 2007

Summary statistics relating to licensed vehicles and new registrations in Great Britain for 2007.

Entertainment Licensing England and Wales

This statistical release presents the figures related to entertainment licensing in England and Wales, detailing the number and type of entertainment licences by local authority. Source agency:...

SIA licensing statistics

Statistics on licences that have been revoked and applications that have been refused.

Licensed gambling premises

This dataset contains a list of the premises in Great Britain which can provide facilities for gambling. This includes betting shops, casinos, bingo premises and arcades. The Gambling...

Drug Licensing Database - Import/Export

An estimated 25,000 licence records, historic and active import/export applications

National Firearms Licensing Management System

Provides a method for managing the licensing of firearms, shotguns and explosives. It records all individuals, companies and dealers who have applied for, or have been granted, a certificate

Vehicle Licensing Statistics Great Britain

This publication provides monthly new registrations of vehicles and quarterly licenced vehicle numbers in Great Britain Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Alcohol and late Night Refreshment Licensing

Alcohol and late Night Refreshment Licensing Source agency: Home Office Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Alcohol Licensing

Freight Insurance and Licensing stakeholder database

Names and business addresses of Freight Insurance and Licensing (FIL) stakeholders. Data collection ceased.

Alcohol and late night refreshment licensing

Draws together statistics on the following licensing authority powers under the Licensing Act 2003

Notifications of licensed work (and some types of non-licensed work) with asbestos

Notification required by EU Directive 2009/148/EC on the protection of workers from the risk of exposure to asbestos. Generally, the removal of asbestos has to be done by contractors who are...



Licensed Taxis

All licensed vehicles (e.g. Taxi, private hire) operating within Mole Valley District Council, Surrey, England. Data includes vehicle registration number, vehicle make, model and colour, among...

Licensed Premises

Premises Licenses and Club Premises Certificates issued by Swale Borough Council, published under the LG Inform Incentive Scheme, as at date published.

Licensed Premises

Data showing all the licensed premises in Plymouth.