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Foreign & Commonwealth Office Sustainability Report

This Report gives details of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office's Annual Sustainability information.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Annual Report

This data relates to FCO Annual Report accounts.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office list of Posts Overseas

This is a list of the locations where HMG has a diplomatic presence. It will list the country and city of each post and will detail the nature of the delegation (embassy/consulate/High Commission).

Spending over £25,000 in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Foreign & Commonwealth Office publishes details of all departmental spending over £25,000 on a monthly basis.

Meetings with external organisations by Ministers in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

A quarterly-updated list of all meetings between ministers and external organisations as part of Government's commitment to Transparency

Foreign Office Consular Management Information Data

Foreign Office Consular data on Consular services provided to British nationals worldwide this includes numbers of incidents handled by UK consulates overseas, including hospitalisations, deaths,...

Gifts given by Ministers in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office valued at over £140

A quarterly-updated list of all gifts over £140 received by ministers and whether they were kept

Government Major Projects data for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

As part of the transparency policy for publication of major projects data the Major Projects Authority (MPA) has published its first Annual Report. It includes a set of combined data of the...

Overseas travel undertaken by ministers in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

A quarterly-updated list of all overseas travel undertaken by ministers

FCO Senior Staff Travel Overseas

Details of travel expenses for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's senior London-based staff.

Survey of Foreign Vehicle Activity

Survey of foreign HGVs undertaking haulage on UK (3,161 vehicle records). Data collection ceased.

FCO index of Geographical Names

This is the current Foreign & Commonwealth (FCO) list of approved British English-language names and descriptive terms for countries.

Hospitality Received by FCO Senior Staff

Details of hospitality received by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's senior London-based staff.

FCO Workforce Management Information

Details of the workforce management data for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. These figures are not official statistics. They are internal workforce management information published in the...

Employment and occupational skill levels among UK and foreign nationals

Examines employment levels changes, in the context of longer-term labour market trends, recent economic conditions and immigration policy changes

Government Procurement Card spend over £500

A list of all Government Procurement Card financial transactions spending over £500 made by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in...

FCO Online travel advice

Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) travel advice for you to re-use in your own applications, widgets and content. It contains current advice for UK travellers to specific countries, detailing...

FCO Exceptions to Spending Control Data

This dataset is a list of those items of spend that have been allowed in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office since the announcement (24 May 2010) of five cross-government moratoria: ICT spend above...

FCO Historians Online Publications Index

This is an index a collection of reports published by the FCO Historians. The FCO Historians provide a long-term, policy-relevant perspective on international issues, and contribute to the...

Survey of Foreign Road Goods Vehicles Great Britain

Final results from a Department for Transport survey of foreign-registered heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in the United Kingdon undertaken from the period May to August 2009. This survey was designed...