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Disclosure and Barring Service: barring figures

Number of barring cases received and closed in last financial year, also includes current number on the barred lists.

Police Disclosure Unit performance

Police performance in relation to DBS check applications each month for financial year 2015-16. It shows each police units Red, Amber and Green (RAG) status and the associated calculation used to...

DBS: performance of disclosure progress and update service

Dataset relating to DBS performance regarding disclosure progress, the informaiton disclosed and their update subscription service

Disclosure of Expenses and Hospitality

Disclosure of expenses and hospitality

DJEP Disclosure Databases

Al-Sweady Public Inquiry Witness Database. This Microsoft Access Database holds contact details for Witnesses who were required to attend the Public Inquiry.

Disclosure and Barring Service: barring cases and appeals

Dataset relating to DBS performance regarding barring cases and appeals against barring decisions, measured against internal performance standards.

DJEP Disclosure Spreadsheets

Bloody Sunday Witness Spreadsheet. This Excel spreadsheet holds contact details for Witnesses required for the Bloody Sunday Inquiry

DJEP Disclosure Spreadsheet

Baha Mousa Public Inquiry Witness Spreadsheet.

Disclosure and Barring Service response times for complaints, enquiries and disputes

Data relating to DBS responses to complaints, enquiries and disputes measured against performance standards.

Disclosure and Barring Service: performance of all police forces

Performance data response rate for the Disclosure & Barring Service checks for all police forces from April 2006.

Disclosure Log

Recording details of Criminal Record Checks for Potential and Approved Driving Instructors.

Criminal Records Disclosures

Approved Driving Instructors & Potential Driving Instructors Criminal record disclosure results from the Criminal records bureau.

DBS management and board member expenses

Disclosure & Barring Service management and board member expenses.

FOI/EIR Disclosure Log

This dataset contains details of all Freedom of Information and Environmental Information requests received within a given calendar year.

Performance figures

Performance figures for the DBS service - covering the disclosure and barring side of the business and updated on a regular basis.

Hillsborough Disclosure document index

This dataset provides an index of the documents relating to the Hillsborough tragedy as disclosed by the Hillsborough Independent Panel in conjunction with their Report into how the disclosed...

Senior salary disclosure

Ofcom publishes the salary details of its Board and Executive Committee. In addition to the individuals named in the Annual Report, there are several individuals whose salaries were greater than...

DBS redress payments 2008-2013

Dataset contains redress payments made by the Disclosure and Barring Service as a result of maladministration between 2008 - 2013. Produced as part of our transparency committment.

Arts Council England Senior Staff Salary Disclosure

Senior salary disclosure

Number of DBS applications for selected positions for 2011 and 2012 and PNC information revealed

Data shows details of the number of DBS applications received for the 'teacher', 'childminder'. 'doctor', 'nurse', 'social workier' and 'carer' for calendar years 2011 and 2012. The attached...