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Discharge of Charge

This data shows where charges have been removed from registered titles.

Registered Charge Information

Data held in association with charges by way of legal mortgage registered against a borrower's property.

Land Charges Index

An index of interests in unregistered land that impose an obligation on the landowner in favour of some other person registered with the Land Charges Department.

Land Charges Application Data

Data held in association with a Land Charges application.

Central Charge Database

To analyse the status of Green Deal Plans in the Central Charge Database

Allerdale Miscellaneous Charge Land Charge

Miscellaneous Charge recorded as Land Charge and expressed as a polygon extent. Miscellaneous charges include INDs

Pension landscape and charging survey

Quantitative and qualitative research with employers and pension providers carried out in 2009 and 2011. Non-anonymised version of 2011 dataset held by DWP for analysis by pension analysts. The...

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Electric Vehicle Charging Points This data is commercial data

Council Tax charges

Council tax charges are shown on council tax bills. The data shows all charges by parish and by council tax band.

Council tax charges

Council tax charges information by property band

Council tax charges

Council tax charges information by property band.

Green Deal Central Charge Database

Financial data required for Green deal plan transactions

Repairs and Leaseholder Charges

Repairs and Leaseholder Charges

Terrorism arrests - analysis of charging and sentencing outcomes by religion

This briefing has been published alongside the 2012/2013 statistics on Operation of Police Powers under the Terrorism Act 2000 and subsequent legislation, to provide more detailed information.

Libraries Fees and Charges

Details of all of the fees and charges collected by Calderdale libraries , broken down into categories.

CIL Retail Charging Zones

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Zones maps for new development in Bath & North East Somerset. These identify the locations and boundaries to which the residential and...

Parking revenue - excess charges

Parking revenue data on excess charges The data shown on excess charges figures do not reflect the monthly takings in car parks but cash collection and reconciliation.

Council Tax Charges

Council tax charges for Calderdale by band: * Annual council tax charge since 1993/94; * Breakdown of council tax charge since 2016/17, showing the charge for parish, social care, police and...

Advance Payment Charges vw

Advanced Payment Codes (APCs) for Copeland - Payments to be made by owners of new buildings in respect of street works.

Parking charge notices

Data showing details of Parking Charge Notices issued in Plymouth from 2013-2016