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British Council - On-line recruitment system with details of vacancies and applications (both internal and external)

BD SO1C - Recruiting Statistics

FLEET CNR - Personal File, Excel Spreadsheet

Recruit Statistics by Training Years

Commando Training Centre RM - Training Records, Information on Recruits going through Phase 1 Training during each Financial Year (retained for 6).

Analysis of NICS Recruitment Competitions

This report summarises applications for and appointments from NICS recruitment competitions across various equality categories. Further analysis is presented in the report relating to the various...

HR Recruitment and Redeployment database

Personal Information e.g. name, NI number and statistical data

i-grasp (MoJ Recruitment Database)

Recruitment database containing details of those applying for jobs in the Ministry of Justice. This database also includes details of those involved in the interviewing process where applicable.

Recruitment records

Recruitment Including Pre-employment Checks, Job Applications, Selection Criteria, Sift Results, Assessment Results

Recruitment exceptions

Recruitment exceptions

Bristol City Council Recruitment

Bristol City Council is one of the largest employers in the West Country. We are committed to achieving equal opportunities and we are seeking to attract a workforce that reflects the diverse...

Allocations and Recruitment Portal

This system holds current academic year allocations data, which is updated by National College for Teaching and Leadership officials and ITT providers submit recruitment data including...

Independent Living Fund recruitment data

Applicant and equal opportunities data. Sensitive personal data.

MHRA recruitment exceptions

MHRA recruitment exceptions

Admin recruitment agency

Admin recruitment agency - will hold details of such agency staff, their length with us and pay details etc.

Exceptions to Cross Government moratoria on Recruitment spend in Monitor

Recruitment exceptions to the Cross Government spending moratoria

Licensee Recruitment and Completion Data

Numbers of participants recruited to each level of the leadership curriculum per licensee partnership. Numbers of participants who complete the qualifications per licensee.

Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend on recruitment in the Home Office: spend control data

Details of exceptions to the government's moratorium on third-party spend on the recruitment of civil servants at the Home Office.

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority External Recruitment Spend

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority will -as part of the transparency agenda - publish all external recruitment spend.

Specialist grade recruitment agency

Specialist recruitment agency - will hold details of such agency staff, their length with us and pay details etc.

Human Resources Management System (HRMS (iTrent))

A collection of datasets showing HR, recruitment, payroll and learning and development information for Ofsted employees.

Senior Civil Servants (SCS) data

HR Information on Senior Civeil Servants (SCS), including performance and recruitment measures