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Child Weight

The percentage of Children who are identified as overweight or obese within LSOA and Places Boundaries

Weight Restrictions

weight restrictions

Low birth weight full-term babies (CCGOIS 1.26)

The percentage of full-term live babies that were born weighing less than 2,500g. Current version updated: Jun-17 Next version due: Jun-18

Patient experience of dental services (NHSOF 4a.iii)

This indicator measures the weighted percentage of people who report their overall experience of NHS dental services as ‘fairly good’ or ‘very good’. Purpose This indicator aims to capture the...

Adult Excess Weight

This data shows the percentage of adults (age 18 and over) classed as having Excess Weight. Excess Weight is a major cause of premature deaths and avoidable ill-health. Excess weight is a term...

Bridge Weight Limits

A list of bridges and their weight limits

Weight Restriction Zone

This layer shows the area covered by the 7.5T Weight Restriciton Zone as outlined in The City of London and Tower Hamlets (Prescribed Routes) Traffic Order 1989.

NHS Trusts

NHS Trusts Contains: Etr.csv contains parent NHS Trusts. All three NHS Trust files follow the same format and conventions, although fields 14 and 15 are only populated for NHS Trust Site...

Access to NHS dental services (NHSOF 4.4.ii)

This indicator measures the weighted percentage of people who reported that they were successful in getting an NHS dental appointment when they tried in the last two years. Purpose This indicator...

NHS Workforce: Staff in NHS Support Organisations and Central Bodies

Quarterly data on staff in NHS support organisations and central bodies

NHS Vacancies Survey

The purpose of these surveys are to highlight problems with recruitment so that they can be addressed. They focus on total and three month vacancies within NHS Hospital and Community Health...

NHS Trust Sites

NHS Trust Sites Contains: Ets.csv contains just NHS Trust sites. All three files follow the same format and conventions, although fields 14 and 15 are only populated for NHS Trust Site...

NHS Support Agencies

NHS Support Agencies and Shared Services Contains: NHS Support Agencies in England: including current organisations and data for organisations that have closed in the current or previous...

NHS Workforce - Turnover

Annual turnover figures, by Health Education England regions, for NHS Hospital and Community Health Services (HCHS) staff. Prior to June 2013, the data is reported at Strategic Health Authority...

NHS Vacancy Statistics

Provisional experimental publication of NHS vacancy statistics created from administrative data related to published vacancy adverts obtained from NHS Jobs, the main recruitment website for the...

NHS Workforce - Nationality

NHS Hospital & Community Health Service (HCHS) workforce statistics - nationality by main staff group.

Non-NHS Organisations

Non-NHS Organisations Contains: Independent Providers: Registered and Non-Registered Non-NHS Organisations in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands, including...

NHS Workforce - Redundancies

NHS Hospital & Community Health Service (HCHS) monthly workforce statistics - Provisional Statistics: Timeseries of Redundancies

NHS Surplus Land

The Surplus Land collection has existed since 2008 to provide information to the Department of Health, the Homes and Communities Agency and Government Property Unit on sites that can be disposed...

NHS Workforce Census

Census workforce data for those parts of the Healthcare workforce that are currently collected within the workforce Minimum Dataset (wMDS) as at 31 March 2015, giving national level statistics for...