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North Lanarkshire Schools

Points depicting the location of all the schools which children in North Lanarkshire are in the catchment area for.

Contaminated Land

Location of contaminated land in North Lanarkshire.

Conservation Areas

Location of conservation areas in North Lanarkshire.

Rights of Way

Location of rights of way in North Lanarkshire.

Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC)

Location of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation in North Lanarkshire.

Adopted Roads - March 2017

Location of adopted roads in North Lanarkshire.


Location of cemeteries in North Lanarkshire.

Green Belt

Location of green belt in North Lanarkshire.

Polling Places

Location of polling places in North Lanarkshire.

Local Nature Reserves

Location of local nature reserves in North Lanarkshire.

Area of Great Landscape Value

Location of areas of great landscape value in North Lanarkshire.

Community Councils

Location of community councils in North Lanarkshire.

Alcohol Prohibition Areas

Location of alcohol prohibition areas in North Lanarkshire.

Air Quality Management Areas

Location of air quality management areas in North Lanarkshire.

Denominational Primary School Catchments

Location of denominational primary school catchments in North Lanarkshire.

Non Denominational Primary School Catchments

Location of non denominational school catchments in North Lanarkshire.

Polling Districts

Boundaries of polling districts in North Lanarkshire. Data is derived from the Boundary Commission for Scotland Fifth Statutory Review.

Health Boards (April 2019) Names and Codes in Scotland

This file contains names and codes for health boards (HB) in Scotland, as at 1st April 2019.  (File Size - 16 KB)Field Names - HB19CD,  HB19CDS, HB19NM, FIDField Types - Text, Text, TextField...

Guide to Presenting Statistics for Administrative Geographies (December 2019)

This document sets out the recommended standard presentation of statistics for administrative areas at regional and sub-regional levels in the UK. This is a revised version of the guidance...

Local Authority Districts (December 2019) Names and Codes in the United Kingdom

This file contains the names and codes for local authority districts (LAD) and unitary authorities (UA) in the United Kingdom as at 31st December 2019 (File Size - 48KB) Field Names - LAD19CD,...