Here’s a list of the new updates we’re planning to make to the 2 services, Find Data and Publish Data on the (DGU) site.

This roadmap is only a guide and may change from month to month.

October to December 2017

  • releasing Publish Data as a private beta to provide improved  ways of publishing open government data
  • migrating DGU publishers from the current publishing service to the newly designed service
  • building ways of migrating datasets from the current publishing system to the newly designed service
  • exploring ways of automating the publishing of datasets
  • Learning from user feedback about improvements to the Private Beta of Find Data

December 2017 onwards

  • researching the user need for a prototype around APIs for finding and listing datasets
  • continuing to improve ways of publishing and finding open datasets

Contact the team if you’d like to know more about the plans in our roadmap.