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Council house bids and lettings

A dataset providing the number of bids per letting, by year, area, property type. Also contained is information about the winning applicant's housing priority and the year in which they were...

Non-NHS Organisations

Non-NHS Organisations Contains: Independent Providers: Registered and Non-Registered Non-NHS Organisations in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands, including...

NHS Workforce - Monthly Workforce Statistics

*** This dataset has been discontinued from November 2015 - please refer to "NHS Workforce - Medical Staff" and "NHS Workforce - Non Medical Staff" datasets using the additional links below...

Gulf 1&2

Statistics of Gulf War medical cases

Survey of Asbestos Workers by Health & Safety Laboratory (on behalf of HSE).

The survey provides data on health surveillance of licensed asbestos workers occupationally exposed to asbestos in order to monitor the effectiveness of regulations to control this. This includes...

Community services

Dataset providing locations of services including medical centres, educational establishments, stations, community centres, emergency services and hotels. Additional information The Eastings and...

Community services

Dataset providing locations of services including medical centres, educational establishments, stations, community centres, emergency services and hotels. Additional...

Med Distribution database

Details of war pension file medical casework tracking

Payments Processing Database

Archive of details of payments to third parties medical and other support to war pensioners

National Audit of Dementia care in general hospitals psychotropic prescription spotlight data

The data contained in this CSV file were first published in February 2020 in the ' Hospital Initiated prescription of psychotropic medication for behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia:...

National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) - TOXBASE (UK approved clinical toxicology database)

NPIS - TOXBASE externally hosted application for clinicians provides info on medical management of poisonings

Dose surveys

Provides information on doses from diagnostic medical exposures - data held on access database

Absence records

Absence/ Medical Including Attendance/ Leave Details, Sick Absence, Disability Information etc.

Learning disabilities health check scheme

The learning disabilities health check scheme is designed to encourage practices to identify all patients aged 14 and over with learning disabilities, to maintain a learning disabilities 'health...

Scottish Hip Fracture Audit Rehabilitation Report

An audit report of the rehabilitation phase of care of elderly patients with hip fractures, particularly aspects highlighted by SIGN 56. Contains pattern of assessments by medical or geriatric...

Details of GPs, GP Practices, Nurses and Pharmacies from Organisation Data Service

The Organisation Data Service (ODS) is provided by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). It is responsible for the publication of all organisation and practitioner codes and...

Incidence of harm to children due to ‘failure to monitor’ (retired as of May-15) (NHSOF 5.6)

The total number of safety incidents, causing harm to children due to 'failure to monitor', reported to the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) by provider organisations. Please note...

Adult Social Care - Appendix 1

Unequal impact of COVID-19: BAME disproportionality The shielded population are those that have been defined by Government on medical grounds as medically vulnerable due to a clinical condition...

Health and Safety - Accident Information

Records of all accidents to employees or members of the public involving time off work or medical treatment are reported by phone, by a Calderdale manager, to the corporate health and safety team....

Theory Test Bookings

Theory Test Bookings including name, address, payment details, contact numbers, test time and location, any medical needs, completed test forms