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Highways Agency Lands (HAL)

Highways Agency Lands - Personal data of property / land owners and other claimants under land compensation provisions

Environmental Information System (Envis)

Environmental Information System - EnvIS is a system for defining and categorising the man-made or natural assets within and surrounding the Strategic Road Network.

Live traffic information from Highways England (previously Highways Agency)

Live traffic information data showing traffic information on the strategic road network in England, maintained by Highways England (previously called the Highways Agency). Update: 10th...

Pass Production & Records

Records of individuals with passes to gain entry to Agency buildings

Highways Agency Geotechnical Data Management System (HAGDMS)

The Highways Agency Geotechnical Data Management System - Geotechnical information about condition of the ground beneath the network and the earthworks (embankments and cuttings) that support the...

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Closed Circuit Television - Images of numerous locations on the network

Highways England network journey time and traffic flow data

***1st July 2016 Update*** WebTRIS Phase 1 is now available and can be accessed at We are in the process of updating the way that traffic flow data is...

Estates CCTV

Images from CCTV cameras

Highways Agency network journey time and traffic flow data

The latest journey time and traffic data is now available at This data series provides average journey time,...

Incident Reporting and Investigation system (IRIS)

Incident Reporting and Investigation System - Health and Safety incidents affecting members of HA Staff (anywhere) and visitors to our office estate

Planned road works on the HE road network

This dataset provides information on planned roadworks carried out on the Highways England network. Roadworks listed cover the period up to 15 days in advance from the date of publication. It...