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Planned road works on the HE road network

This dataset provides information on planned roadworks carried out on the Highways England network. Roadworks listed cover the period up to 15 days in advance from the date of publication. It...

Highways Agency Shared Services

HR information about our employees

Severn Toll

Names, addresses, vehicles, bank / credit card details, evidence for toll concessions (e.g. for residents / disabled motorists) for holders of electronic toll passes

HALOGEN AMI Signal Setting information

The data in the report is derived from Signal Setting information from the Advanced Motorway Indicator signs (AMIs) on the Highways Agency's English motorway network at an individual sign level....

Highways Agency Drainage Data Management System (HADDMS)

Highways Agency Drainage Data Management System - Technical information about location and condition of drainage infrastructure on the network


Sharing Highways Agency Records Electronically - Electronic records management system which stores day to day HA records and documents created by the business

Percentage of ‘journeys’ on Highways Agency motorways and A roads that are ‘on time’ by road section by rolling year

The data presented shows the percentage of ‘journeys’ that are ‘on time’ by road section by rolling year. This data can be used to track the percentage of ‘journeys that are ‘on time’ for...

Correspondence Recording System (CRS)

Correspondence Recording System - Summary details of who has contacted the Agency (name, address, organisation) and brief overview of issues.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Automatic Number Plate Recognition - Tokenised non-unique vehicle identifiers derived from Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras; their time and places of joining / leaving the network and...

Highway Boundary

This dataset represents the land Highways England manages as highway. It is derived from Land Registry Cadastral parcels, Ordnance Survey and HAPMS (Highways England's Pavement Management System)....

The mean and median carriageway impact duration times and number of incidents by impact duration on all motorways

The Highways Agency Command and Control database is an incident management system which captures details such as the duration of a carriageway impact. A Carriageway Impact results from any...

Access Control

Security Data from access control system

Command & Control

Records of incidents on the network, vehicles and drivers involved, and actions taken to resolve the incidents

Planning Applications Database) (PAD)

Planning Applications Database - names and addresses, planning proposals and hard copy case files.

Accident and Incident Reporting system (AIRS)

Accident and Incident Reporting System - Anonymised information about Health & Safety incidents in supply chain

Dartford Crossing (electronic)

Payment System - Names, addresses (inc e-mail), telephone numbers, vehicles registration, bank / credit card details, for users of DART-Tag.


Oracle Financial Systems - Payment details (bank accounts, names, addresses) of suppliers. Details of staff expenses claims . Cost of projects, total payments to suppliers.

Dartford Crossing (paper)

Payment System - Names, addresses (inc e-mail), vehicle registration, bank / credit card details, evidence for charge concessions (e.g. for local residents / disabled motorists) for users of DART-Tag.

Red & Green Claims

Names and addresses, claim details and bank details for payment or receipt for damage to the network by drivers or by the network to drivers' vehicles

Highways Agency Lands (HAL)

Highways Agency Lands - Personal data of property / land owners and other claimants under land compensation provisions