Road traffic accidents

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Information on accidents across Leeds. Data includes location, number of people and vehicles involved, road surface, weather conditions and severity of any casualties. Please note The Eastings and Northings are generated at the roadside where the accident occurred. Sometimes due to poor internet connectivity this data is may not be as accurate as it could be. If you notice any errors please contact Due to the format of the report a number of figures in the columns are repeated, these are: Reference Number Easting Northing Number of Vehicles Accident Date Time (24hr) 1st Road Class Road Surface Lighting Conditions Weather Conditions Reference Number Grid Ref: Easting Grid Ref: Northing Number of vehicles Accident Date Time (24hr) 21G0539 427798 426248 5 16/01/2015 1205 21G0539 427798 426248 5 16/01/2015 1205 21G1108 431142 430087 1 16/01/2015 1732 21H0565 434602 436699> 1 17/01/2015 930 21H0638 434254 434318 2 17/01/2015 1315 21H0638 434254 434318 2 17/01/2015 1315   Therefore the number of vehicles involved in accident 21G0539 were 5, and in accident 21H0638 were 2. Overall in the example above a total of 9 vehicles were involved in accidents A useful tool to analyse the data is Excel pivot tables, these help summarise large amounts of data in a easy to view table, for further information on pivot table visit here .  Further Information Please see the guidance document for further information on categories.

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