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School Mode of Travel

The Influencing Travel Behaviour Team (ITB) provide road safety education, training and publicity to schools, communities, businesses and Leeds residents. We promote sustainable travel throughout...

Travel to work survey C02

Data set showing the Co2 emissions based on the staff travel to work survey

Pool E-bike usage

Data set showing the use of Leeds City Council pool electric bikes by location.

Life Expectancy in Leeds (3 year averages)

Life expectancy in years (3 year averages). Attention should be given to upper and lower 95% confidence intervals as a quick method of determining whether expectancies could overlap or are...

Council tax bands of all properties in Leeds

A dataset providing the assigned council tax band of every property in Leeds. Council tax bands are calculated using the value of the property that you live at at a certain point of time. Local...

Leeds schools all information

**This page is no longer updated. Please visit the** [**Primary**]( **or**...


Spatial dataset which shows the Historic Village Greens within the Leeds Metropolitan District boundary

Election results - general

This dataset provides information on general elections in Leeds. You can find details of candidates, the parties they represent, and the number of votes they received.

Schools nearest polygon shape files

A dataset showing nearest polygons for each school that uses a “nearest criteria” within their admissions policy.  Most Voluntary Aided schools, and some academies will not have a nearest...

Council tax charges

Council tax charges information by property band

War memorials

A dataset showing the location of war memorials maintained by Leeds City Council. Additional Information ---------------------- * Please note this dataset is reviewed annually though may only...

Secondary School Preferences - Annual Cycle

This data set shows the number of preferences, for admission to secondary school in September, each school received during the annual cycle school admissions process.

Leeds city centre footfall data

There are 8 cameras located at various locations around the city centre monitoring numbers of people walking past. These cameras calculate numbers on an hourly basis. This data can help identify...

Online payments

This dataset shows the actual number and value of payments received by Leeds City Council through online means and telephone calls. Heading meanings ---------------- * Internet: electronic...

Pay multiples

The council publishes salary information showing the ratios between the lowest and highest paid employees. Please note ----------- * The median is the middle salary when all salaries have been...

Places to eat and drink in Leeds

> Here's a useful dataset to some of the places across the city to eat and drink. Please note ----------- * Work is ongoing to ensure this data is accurate. * Further information can be...

Potholes and expenditure

This data set shows the total number of potholes repaired each year on roads in Leeds and the related expenditure.

S106 planning agreements

This dataset provides details of all Section 106 Agreements entered into between developers and Leeds City Council.  Section 106 agreements are private agreements negotiated between local...

Premises licences

These are licences issued to premises which sell alcohol, provide regulated entertainment, or serve hot food after 11pm (e.g. pubs, bars, takeaways, supermarkets and hotels). The best way to work...

Software licences

A list of software licenses.