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Schools nearest polygon shape files

A dataset showing nearest polygons for each school that uses a “nearest criteria” within their admissions policy.  Most Voluntary Aided schools, and some academies will not have a nearest...

Election results - local

This dataset provides information on local elections in Leeds. You can find details of candidates, the parties they represent, and the number of votes they received. Please note ----------- * ...

Council tax bands of all properties in Leeds

A dataset providing the assigned council tax band of every property in Leeds. Council tax bands are calculated using the value of the property that you live at at a certain point of time. Local...

School term times

Details of the term times of Leeds schools since 1993.

Planning statutory newspaper notices

This dataset lists all the planning statutory newspaper notices which are published in the local print media. Additional information ---------------------- * For further information on planning...

Primary school allocations

This dataset shows the priority cut off distances for all primary schools that either follows the LA Admissions Policy because they are a Community Controlled School or are their own admitting...

Election results - general

This dataset provides information on general elections in Leeds. You can find details of candidates, the parties they represent, and the number of votes they received.

Library computer use by age

This data set shows IT use, by age, in Leeds libraries on a monthly basis.

Leeds schools all information

**This page is no longer updated. Please visit the** [**Primary**]( **or**...

Subscribers to Leeds international chamber music

The following dataset provides a list of areas subscribed to Leeds Chamber Music, for all the latest on Leeds concerts. Further information ------------------- * For further information please...

Advertising hoarding sites

> List of council-owned advertising sites.

ICT equipment

A list of council ICT equipment, for example laptops and computers.

Tenancy and residents groups

Registered tenancy and residents groups in Leeds. Please note  ------------ This dataset was produced as a one off for the city intelligence innovation lab. To find out about the lab click...

Secondary School Preferences - Annual Cycle

This data set shows the number of preferences, for admission to secondary school in September, each school received during the annual cycle school admissions process.

Council properties under-occupation

Dataset showing those properties which are deemed to be under occupation. These have all had a reduction in their housing benefit. In some cases the reduction has been paid for by a Discretionary...

Services offered by Neighbourhood Network Schemes in Leeds

This dataset lists all of the services offered by Neighbourhood Network schemes in Leeds.

Long term empty properties owned by Ltd companies

This data relates to long term empty properties (i.e. those that have been empty for more than 6 months). The information relates purely to empty property addresses that are within the private...

Changing Places toilets in Leeds

The dataset shows Changing Place toilets in Leeds. Changing Places are toilet facilities for people with profound and multiple disabilities. They are fitted with equipment such as hoists, changing...

Consistent financial reporting - Leeds schools

Dataset showing total expediture and income for schools using Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) framework.

Leeds schools

This dataset shows all the schools in Leeds which are currently open and includes eastings and northings for the schools. It will be updated on an annual basis every September.