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The Department for Transport collects traffic data to produce statistics on the level of traffic on roads in Great Britain. This website provides the underlying street-level data for download.

May 2017: The datasets on this site have been updated to include DfT traffic counts up to and including 2016. The 2017 data is due to be available and added to this site in May/June 2018.

Other sources of DfT traffic data are:

Summary statistics of road traffic are published on an annual and quarterly basis at

The most user-friendly method to access street-level road traffic estimates, with an interactive mapping tool, is via

Data are available for each junction to junction link on the major road network (motorways and A roads). Data are also available for the sample of points on the minor road network (B, C and unclassified roads) that are counted each year, and these counts are used to produce estimates of traffic growth on minor roads.

The data are produced for every year, and are in three formats: a) the raw manual count data collected by trained enumerators; b) Annual Average Daily Flows (AADFs) for count points on major roads and minor roads; and c) traffic figures for major roads only. Explanatory notes (metadata) are available for each dataset, and in one combined note.

A description of how annual road traffic estimates are produced is available at

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Data Resources (7)

Raw count data - major roads
Raw count data - minor roads
AADF Data - major roads
AADF Data by direction - major roads
AADF Data - minor roads
Traffic - major roads (miles)
Traffic - major roads (km)

Additional Links (2)

Traffic statistics - data guide
Major road network - shape file format (2016)

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