Civil Service People Survey 2010

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The Civil Service People Survey (CSPS) is an annual survey open to all Civil Servants and those that work for Civil Service organisations. In 2010 325,000 Civil Servants across 103 organisations participated.

The CSPS is delivered through a single procurement exercise that replaces over 100 separate exercises cutting the cost of staff surveys in the Civil Service by over 40% since 2008.

It provides consistent and robust metrics which help us understand how we can improve levels of engagement across the Civil Service.

The 2010 survey was carried out between mid-September 2010 and the end of October 2010; see the temporal details below for the start and end of fieldwork.

The linked files provide for each of the 103 participating organisations their Employee Engagement Index, theme % positive scores, and % positive (strongly agree or agree) scores for each of the core attitudinal questions asked to all respondents. A formatted (XLS) and unformatted (CSV) version is available.

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Data Resources (3)

CSPS 2010 organisation level results (formatted)
CSPS 2010 organisation level results (unformatted)
CSPS 2010 results narrative

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Theme Government
Temporal coverage 15/9/2010 - 31/10/2010
Geographic coverage Overseas, Global, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
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