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Govt construction strategy compliance data

Departmental questionaire to monitor compliance to Government Construction Strategy

Applicants to the Social Outcomes Fund

Names, contact details, status and documentation of Expressions of Interest to the Fund submitted in the first round and the same for the Full Applications. In addition we have the names and...

Register Register

Registers maintained by HM Government Registers - Registers are lists of information. Each register is the most reliable list of its kind. If you wish to know more about registers,...

Updated list of mutuals supported by MSP and service areas

Number of Mutuals supported by the Mutuals Support Programme according to the number of public service areas in which they are supported. For more information on the programme please visit...

Public Bodies 2014

Public Bodies 2014 provides a single transparent source of top-level data on all non-departmental public bodies, executive agencies and non-ministerial departments*. *HMRC is excluded. This...

Ministerial Gifts received in Cabinet Office 2009-10

All ministerial gifts received over the value of £140 recieved between 2009-2010

Special Adviser paybands

The paybands for Special Advisers in the UK Government.

Customer Service help desk statistics

Service desk performance statistics against operational KPIs

Business expenses of Cabinet Office senior officials including hospitality

The Cabinet Office publishes, on a quarterly basis, details of expenses and hospitality incurred by their most senior officials.

G8 Social Impact Investment Forum mailing list

List and contact details of people invited to G8 Social Impact Investment Forum.

Official hospitality at Chequers

Details of those that received official hospitality at Chequers

Implementing the Government ICT Strategy - ICT Metrics

In March 2011, the Coalition Government set out a vision for Government ICT at the heart of delivery of efficient, cost-effective public services which are responsive to the needs of citizens and...

GPS Strategic Supplier Key Performance Information

Performance-related data for GPS key suppliers to government

Prime supplier contract data

Data on classroom events

Transparency in Procurement and Contracting Progress Reports

Quarterly reports showing progress of core departments in publishing tenders and contracts on Contracts Finder.

National Information Infrastructure

Over the summer of 2013, the Cabinet Office started to develop the processes to support the maintenance of a dynamic NII. We can now launch a first iteration which will be the basis for user...

Operational Efficiency Programme Benchmarking Report for April 2009 to May 2010

Operational Efficiency Programme Benchmarking Report for April 2009 to May 2010 with the full accompanying data set. The report highlights the exceptionally bad quality of existing data,...

Social Impact Investment Taskforce mailing list

List and contact details of people on the Social Impact Investment Taskforce.

NI 007 - Environment for a thriving third sector

The indicator will be measured every second year by a new, bespoke, centrally administered survey of local third sector organisations. The survey will also include contextual questions covering,...

Special Adviser numbers and costs

The following data sets of special adviser numbers and paybands have been released, they list the names of the special advisers in post at various times, including each special adviser’s pay band,...