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Presence of species considered sensitive by Scottish Natural Heritage
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Latitude: 56.0000° to 55.9000°
Longitude: -5.7000° to -5.6000°
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2013-03-11 (publication)
2013-01-19 (creation)
2013-04-02 (revision)
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Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), Headquaters (originator, custodian)
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Native oyster was recorded during survey. SNH Sensitive species policy regards instances of Native oyster (Ostrea edulis) species occurrences and instances of biotope Ostrea edulis beds on shallow sublittoral muddy mixed sediment (SS.SMx.IMx.Ost/ SS.IMX.Oy) as sensitive, as commercial fishing is threatening stocks. As such SNH would not release such records in response to an Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 request at a resolution below that provided by a 20km by 20km square. In such a case we would disguise the location by provision of data in GIS format and would replace the original location of the record with a square of 20km by 20km dimension placed pseudo randomly around the precise location of the record(s). However, SNH may choose to share this data at full resolution with Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies and other trusted partners, academic researchers or developers for use in Environmental Statements at full resolution. However, such release is strictly under the terms of a modified Open Government licence which will restrict published outputs and onward supply to the degraded resolution Other species or biotope occurences are not considered by SNH to be sensititive; as such these may be released at full resolution in response to requests covered by Environmental Information Regulations of Freedom of Information Regulations; additionally their re-use and dissemination is permissable under Open Government Licence terms. Any re-use of this data at whatever resolution will acknowledge the copyright owner (SNH).