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2007 Sarah Holt North East Scotland Seaweed records

A collection of Non-Native Species sightings from Sarah Holt. The species listed are Bonnemaisonia hamifera.

1959 Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) L5 buoy culture collection Heterosigma akashiwo records

PLY12A record from Plymouth Marine Laboratory's (PML) L5 buoy planktonic culture collection.

2010 Defra MB0106 MFA Cockles Shellfishery MAGIC

MFA landings data for Cockles from reported shellfish landings at ports in England and Wales.

UK Marine Gazetteer of Coastline Features

A GIS dataset consisting of lines representing manmade and natural features around the UK coastline from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO). There are 69 features in total, for example,...

2013 Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) Scottish records of Bonnemaisonia hamifera

A collection of Non-Native Species sightings from Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). The species listed is Bonnemaisonia hamifera.

2016 Marine Biological Association of the UK (MBA) Looe Festival Crabbing Competition

Survey of crabs caught and re-caught during a crabbing competition. The aim was to find out how many crabs are re-caught, using lipstick (make-up) as a temporary marker.

1997 The Marine Conservation Society - Seasearch, Various locations in Dorset, Diver observations and detailed survey records

Seasearch dives undertaken in Dorset in 1997.

2011-2016 North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority, Velvet Swimming Crab Carapace Lengths Offshore Potting survey

Velvet Swimming Crab Carapace Lengths from potting surveys conducted in the NEIFCA district

2010-2014 Thomson Ecology Ltd Stour and Orwell Estuaries, and offshore at Inner Gabbard non-native species records

A collection of Non-Native Species sightings from Thomson Ecology Ltd. The species listed are Crepidula fornicata, Sargassum muticum, Styela clava and Ensis directus.

2017-2018 North Devon Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) North Devon Species Census

As part of the Coastal Creatures Project a species census across four beaches along the North Devon Coast AONB was undertaken.

1997-2004 Natural Resource Wales (NRW) Welsh records for Crassosstrea gigas, Crepidula fornicata, Ficopomatus enigmatus, Sargassum muticum and Styela clava

A collection of Non-Native Species sightings from Natural Resource Wales (NRW). The species listed are Crassosstrea gigas, Crepidula fornicata, Ficopomatus enigmatus, Sargassum muticum and Styela...

2009 Defra MB0102 2C Distribution of file shell beds (from point data) in the UK and Isle of Man

This layer shows the distribution of point records of file shell beds, a Biodiversity Action Plan Habitat. This layer forms one of a set of data layers created for the Defra MB0102...

1982 - 1985 Nature Conservancy Council (NCC), Poole Harbour, Subtidal dredge and grab sampling survey

These records all relate to ''Dyrynda (1987) Poole Harbour subtidal survey - IV: Baseline assessment". A copy of the report is held at Poole Harbour Commissioners, Dorset. This survey was...

2014 Scottish Oceans Institute (SOI) St Andrews Bioblitz

BioBlitz survey taking place at St Andrews. This survey's aim was to record as many species as possible as being present within a set survey area over 48-hours.

1994 Steven Pyatt Helford River intertidal rocky shore zonation survey

The undergraduate thesis from the University of Exeter aiming to provide a comprehensive, random sampling of a rocky shore area of Pedn Billy on the Helford River ria to determine relative numbers...

2010 Defra MB0106 Palaeolandscapes

This sub datalayer comprises marine and associated intertidal sites, findspots and palaeoenvironmental deposits and features located within the search area that date from the prehistoric period...

MEDIN Gazetteer of Marine Points of Interest v2 (November 2013)

A GIS dataset consisting of a merged dataset consisting of points and centroids of line and polygon features for marine points of interest in the UK. There are 50,163 features in total, for...

Scottish Natural Heritage Sound of Arisaig SAC Site Condition Monitoring

The principal purpose of the study was to carry out site condition monitoring of the of the inshore sublittoral sediment habitats of the Sound of Arisaig SAC, in order to identify any deterioration...

2013-2015 Marine Biological Association (MBA) Wembury Devon Crab Survey

Targeted search for species of crab conducted by the Marine Biological Association at Wembury Bay.

2017 Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (EIFCA) The Wash (Box 1 and 3) Ground Truthing Survey

This survey forms part of the preliminary survey work for the Shrimp trial project. Ground truthing was conducted using a video camera sled and day grab to assess and identify areas of subtidal...