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Management Information Tool (Prisons and Probation Ombudsmen)

Tool contains the target and action dates of various stages of an investigation: FLO contact, case reviews, draft stages, and final stage. Includes dates of case suspension when relevant.

Improving tools and approaches for plant health inspectorate

Improving tools and approaches for plant health inspectorate (PHSI) activities ヨ detection, surveillance and monitoring

Client Delivery Resource Management and Allocation Tools

FCO(S) - Details of resource assignments and Project Allocations

OS Open Greenspace

Find the location of public parks, playing fields, sports facilities, play areas, allotments and more with OS Open Greenspace. A valuable dataset to stimulate creative thinking and innovation to...

ONS Postcode Directory Tabular and Spatial Extract Tool

ONS Postcode Directory Tabular and Spatial Extract ToolThis tool will enable you to extract a maximum of 33,000 records to a CSV, Feature Collection (JSON) or GEOJSON file. This will allow you to...

Linked Data

The linked data is developmental and is produced from linking existing administrative data sources together to create a new valuable information asset which is being used for a variety of purposes.


Connect is an IT tool which enables HMRC to identify potential tax fraud and broader criminal networks with greater speed and efficiency, whilst enabling compliant customers to be processed faster...

Testing shoot cold hardiness in Eucalyptus (Daneshill energy plantation 2007)

Several studies on growing eucalyptus in Britain have been undertaken over the last 25 years. All recognise the potential for establishing this species as a valuable forest crop while stressing...

OS Open Linked Identifiers

OS Open Linked Identifiers provides authoritative relationship between UPRNs, USRNs, TOIDs and meta data to enable reliable matching; for greater data connectivity. Authoritative relationships OS...

Deep Port Mapping Database

Emergency Planning Tool


Strategic Workforce Planning tool.

CAESER (Corporate Assessment of Environmental, Social and Economic Responsibility).

CAESER is an online tool hosted on

Prison locations

Available as a search tool at

Souls on Board - Database.

HMS Duncan. Manpower planning tool, detailing the location or all ranks and rates.

ARMS and ARMS Analysis

ARMS is a performance and assurance reporting and measuring tool for LF units at RESTRICTED level

Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) Delivery Team – Geodata:

Central Management Information tool for Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) Delivery Team

Senior Civil Service Succession Management

Recruitment tool for matching candidates to upcoming Senior Civil Service (SCS) positions. Senior level data and salaries.

Court locations

List of all courts in England and Wales. Search tool with an API Beta-service at the moment.

Maritime Inventory Performance Dashboards

Presentation tools – and associated data sets - to publish tables and charts on the Defence Intranet showing statistics about Inventory management performance.

Apatite as a quantitative tool for tephrochronology and magmatic evolution (NERC grant NE/K003852/1)

Documentation of experiments run to investigate partitioning of H-C-F-Cl (Hydrogen, Carbon, fluorine, Chlorine) in the system apatite-melt. Data include representative images of each experiment,...