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Data Losses

The number of incidents and customers affected by losses of data. Updated: monthly.

Staff Basic Pay Report

Detailed report showing staff in receipt of salary. Updated: quarterly.

Revenue Losses

The money owed to HMRC that has been written off. Updated: monthly.

Ceaser Reports

Audit of supplier's performance in terms of sustainable development and diversity. Updated: annually.

Large Business Strategy (LBS) Core System - Risk management system

Large Business Strategy (LBS) risk management system. Updated: monthly.

Staff In post reports

Details of staff in post in the department (includes diversity data). Updated: monthly.

Misuse of Data

The number of staff who are disciplined for mis-use of data. Updated: monthly.

Office Furniture Specifications

Specifications and details of products by supplier that meet HMRC requirements. Updated: ad hoc.

Trust Agents

Data on Trust Agents. Updated: ad hoc. Data coverage: 2004/05

Large Business Service Hit Rate

Internal Departmental Systems on Large Business Service Hit Rates. Updated: monthly.

Intervention Yield

Amount of money we expect to receive as a result of compliance activity. Updated: monthly.

Crown Prosecution Service Board Members Quarterly Business Expenses

Details of business expenses of the members of the Board of the Crown Prosecution Service. Updated quarterly.

Net Tax Receipts

Tax receipts. Updated: monthly.

Tax Repayments

Database of tax repayments. Updated: monthly.

Tax Repayments

Tax paid back. Updated: monthly.

UKCCSRC Call 1 project blog: Flexible CCS Network Development, Update, 06.03.14

This is a blog (Update, 06.03.14) on the UKCCSRC Call 1 project, Flexible CCS Network Development. Grant number: UKCCSRC-C1-40.

Clinical signs listed in Periodic Safety Update report data submitted to the VMD

The dataset includes all the clinical signs included in the line listings submitted with periodic safety update reports submitted to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate during a one year period....

Net Tax Receipts

Tax receipts. Updated: monthly.

HMRC Risk and Intelligence Service / Local Compliance National Delivery Schedule

No. of cases required compared to the no. issued. Updated: monthly.

Reputation reports

Reports on HMRC reputation. Updated: half yearly.