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Low Carbon Building Programme phase 2 data run by Buildings Research Establishment

The LCBP-2 database is the main operating tool for the Low Carbon Buildings Programme Phase-2. Operations are essentially electronic and applications, evaluation, due diligence, issuance of Grant...

Approved Researcher DB

Central list of all AR applications.

MMO1074 Summary of relevant research on defining core fishing grounds

This dataset displays the relevant research methodologies identified in MMO1074 to define core fishing grounds.

Social Investment Fund market research 2011-12 Survey data on SIFI investment and beneficiaries

GHK survey data for CO on: a) SIFI investment (amounts invested, characteristics, returns, products) and b) on beneficiaries of social investment (who, how much finance, what types of finance).

Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera) Government Procurement Card spend - transactions over £500

The Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera),one of Defra’s Arms Length bodies has published all Government Procurement Card (GPC) spend for the Fera GPC’s. The data published includes...

Rolling out the police single non-emergency number (101): research into the public’s and practitioners’ views

Reviews the implementation of the police single non-emergency number (101). It also examines public perceptions of how non-emergency incidents are dealt with by the police.

Low Carbon Building Programme phase 1 householders data run by Buildings Research Establishment

Operations are essentially electronic, but paper files are held in tandem to live files on the database. Data from the online application system is exported on a daily basis into excel spreadsheet...

Summaries of external research on COVID-19

This newsletter series presents a digest of external research that the Greater London Authority (GLA) is making available for the benefit of external stakeholders in tackling the COVID-19 crisis....

Low Carbon Building Programme phase 1 other streams data run by Buildings Research Establishment

The LCBP-1 Communities database holds all data for Communities streams applications, grant offers and claims. The LCBP-1 Stream 2A database holds all data for Stream 2A applications, grant offers...

AHRC All Transactions

A monthly updated list of financial transactions in the Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure.

Online research catalogue: Asante Gold Regalia in the The British Museum collection

Draws together the The British Museum’s collection of 220 pieces of gold regalia from the West African state of Asante in modern-day Ghana.

Experience of Museums in Northern Ireland Findings from the Continuous Household Survey 2008/09 DCAL Research Findings

Frequency of visits to museums, how much respondents enjoyed last visit and overall satisfaction with museums provision in Northern Ireland Source agency: Culture, Arts and Leisure (Northern...

Research to produce look-up tables of marginal ecosystem values for initial appraisal within cost-benefit analysis

Searchable spreadsheet of environmental valuation (monetary) estimates drawn from the environmental economics literature. In order to increase the practical use of environmental valuation in...

IPS research publications list

A list of research publications published by IPS.

Possible Demonstration & Research MPAs

Demonstration and Research Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) can be designated by Scottish Ministers under the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010. The boundaries of the Possible Demonstration and Research MPAs...

Business Enterprise Research and Development

Breakdowns of research and development spending and employment by UK business across different market sectors. Source agency: Office for National Statistics Designation: National...

Plynlimon research catchment hydrochemistry

This dataset includes rainfall, cloud, river and stream hydro-chemistry of the Plynlimon research catchments. The data is from weekly monitoring of stream hydrochemistry of the River Hafren...

Vyrnwy research catchment hydrochemistry

This dataset includes weekly data from monitoring of stream, rainfall and groundwater hydrochemistry in the Vyrnwy research catchment between 1994 and 2001. Data for over 50 chemical determinands...

Researching Community Collecting During COVID-19

The Community Engagement team at the Greater London Authority (GLA) commissioned this report to identify and examine past and present projects which involve collecting Londoners experiences of...


Employee skills records - Forest Research only