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Import Duty Waiver (IDW) database

The IDW database is required for an annual return to HMRC to meet UK Gov’s legal obligations under EC 150/2003

Drug Licensing Database - Import/Export

An estimated 25,000 licence records, historic and active import/export applications

Hygiene Inspections and Populations at Egg Production Sites in England and Wales

The Animal and Plant Health Agency carry out egg hygiene inspections on behalf of the Food Standards Agency to ensure compliance with hygiene and safety regulations at hen egg producing...

Peat usage in growing media production

Data on the volume and composition of growing media supplied to the UK amateur and professional use horticultural markets. It contributes to the monitoring of progress of the ambition set out in...

Petroleum Production and reporting system (PPRS)

Admin system to capture the flow of oil and gas from fields operating on the continential shelf

Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) infonet

database comprised of Sustainable Consumption and Production subject relevant web items which are hosted on organisational websites and databases.

Food Chain Total Factor Productivity

Secondary analysis to calculate productivity of the food chain using already published National Statistcs. Current price estimates of turnover, purchases and labour are deflated using price...

Export of animals and animal products to the UK

## List of establishments in non-EU countries that are approved to export animal products to the UK. [This list is in XLS format and can be filtered by country, sector and commodity section.]...

Seed production and seedling survival in a stand of Corsican pine in Southern Britain

There is much literature on natural regeneration which emphasizes the importance of good seed year, but few authors consider seed input in terms of the combination of seed quantity (i.e. number of...

Performance Dashboard CAP import and export licences

This dashboard shows information about how the CAP import and export licences service is currently performing. This is a "beta" service. The dashboard shows number of digital transactions, total...

Performance Dashboard Plant health imports: inspections

This dashboard shows information about how the Plant health imports: inspections service is currently performing. This is a "beta" service. The dashboard shows number of digital transactions,...

Import demand: long run income elasticities

Results presented in BIS research paper no. 144 Long run income elasticities of import demand.

Crop Yields and Production Estimates (Northern Ireland)

Estimates of the yield and production of crops in Northern Ireland. Source agency: Agriculture and Rural Development (Northern Ireland) Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Total Factor Productivity of the UK agricultural industry

The total factor productivity of the agricultural industry in the United Kingdom is an indicator of the efficiency and competitiveness of the industry. It is a key measure of the economic...

Plant Protection Product information

A number of databases that hold details of information on around 7000 Plant Protection Products that have held an authorisation for use and those with On-Label authorisations since 1998. For all...

Important Open Space

The Important Open Space layer contains the boundaries for sites designated as Important Open Space in the adopted Bristol Local Plan by Policy DM17: Development Involving Existing Green...

Area of Archeological Importance

Dataset shows Areas with the London Borough of Lewisham considered to be archeologically sensitive

Important Open Area

Undeveloped open areas within or closely associated with settlements and which are defined as making an amenity contribution to the setting of the settlements concerned. Areas defined as...

Historical coal data: coal production, availability and consumption

Historical coal data series updated annually in July alongside the publication of the Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics (DUKES)

On the Importance of Shipwrecks

The On the Importance of Shipwrecks project developed a framework and methodology for evaluating the importance of the physical remains of wrecks on the seabed. The project included a literature...