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NI 033a - Arson incidents - Primary Fires

Deliberate fires are a key component of Anti-Social Behaviour which is a national priority for Government.

Attendance at primary and post-primary schools

Analysis of pupil attendance at primary, post-primary and special schools in Northern Ireland, by school and pupil characteristics. Source agency: Education (Northern Ireland) Designation:...

HPI: Effective primary/secondary care

Health Poverty Index - Situation of Health: Effective primary/secondary care Source: Department of Health (DoH), Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), ONS Mid Year Estimates Publisher: Health...

NI 033 - Arson incidents - primary and secondary

Arson incidents - primary and secondary fires. Deliberate fires rate per 10,000 population

NI 049a - Number of primary fires and related fatalities and non-fatal casualties (excluding precautionary checks) - Total primary fires

The indicator assists by measuring the incidence of fire and related casualties, and is therefore a means by which individuals and communities can assess the fire safety support provided by their...

Admission Appeals for Maintained Primary and Secondary Schools in England

This SFR provides information about appeals lodged by parents during the academic year against non-admission of their children to their preferred school. It includes all appeals lodged during the...

Attainment and Finance data for Primary schools - England 2009

The file links 2009 primary school attainment data published in the Achievement and Attainment Tables to 2008/09 school expenditure and finance data provided by schools.

Primary Shopping Frontage

The boundary for the Chichester City's secondary shopping frontage this policy sets parameters for retail and non-retail uses within Chichester city’s secondary shopping frontage.

Primary Holiday Areas

The main identifiable holiday accommodation areas within which further losses of hotel development for purposes other than tourism accommodation will be resisted. Areas are recorded as polygons

Primary Shopping Areas

Areas defined in the authority's local plan, where retail development is concentrated (generally comprising the primary and those secondary frontages which are adjoining and closely related to the...

Thurrock Primary Schools

This dataset shows the locations of Primary Schools in Thurrock. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector End User Licence – INSPIRE

KMBC Primary Schools

Location of Primary Schools located within the Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Area

Primary Shopping Area

Defined as part of the South Norfolk Local Plan 2003. South Norfolk is creator of this data and it is reviewed and updated as part of the Local Plan process. Government Planning Policy Note PPG6...

Primary School Attendance

A data set which shows the number of sessions attended at primary schools in Leeds by LSOA and overall attendance. A session is half a day.

NHS Local Spending Data - Primary Care Trusts

The spreadsheets provide expenditure data form 2006-2010, for Primary Care Trusts. To contact the Department of Health Customer Service Centre about this data follow this link:...

Primary Preferences

This data set shows the number of preferences made to each Primary School in Leeds for reception and junior school places.

Percentage change in the employment rate in Primary Urban Areas

Percentage change in the employment rate in Primary Urban Areas. Source agency: Communities and Local Government Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language:...

NI 052a - Take up of school lunches - Primary School

Percentage of pupils on the school roll who eat a lunch at school that is provided by the school or local authority (including those in receipt of a free school meal).

Spend over £25,000 in Wakefield District Primary Care Trust

Spend over £25,000 in Wakefield District Primary Care Trust

Spend over £25,000 in Shropshire County Primary Care Trust

A monthly list of all financial transactions with suppliers and external contractors where the value exceeds £25,000 made by the department, as part of the Government's commitment to transparency...