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Customer Information System

The Customer Information System contains a record for all individuals who have registered and been issued with a National Insurance number. Under the Social Security Act 1948, all individuals that...

Idealist System database

Names, addresses, DoB, types of animals experiments and severity limits.

Labour Market System

The Labour Market System is an IT system used by DWP to support getting people into work, whether they are in receipt of benefit or not. The database contains personal details such as National...

Compensation and Pensions system

Data received from SPVA used to analyse compensation payments. Data is received is for all people in receipt of a pension but only the compensation part is analysed.

Accident Reporting System

Accident, near miss and incident report submissions.

Building management system

Information on DECC building management systems

Salmonella Casebook System

Records details of outbreaks of salmonella amongst chicken populations and monitors subsequent actions. Also generates instructions to local officers on action to combat the disease

DECC HR system

DECC HR system run in conjunction with Defra

Pensioner Statistical System

The Pensioner Statistical System is the Department's source of data on teacher retirements.

Resource Management System

Resource Management (RM) was the system used throughout DWP from 2006 to carry out all its transactional human resources, payroll, finance and procurement functions. RM held data on over 100,000...

IT Asset Management System

Provides data on allocation of IT assets to users.

Access control system

Access control system for DECC

Correspondence Tracking System

System for recording correspondence

Overtime Claims System

Administration of staff overtime claims.

Overseas students in the immigration system types of institution and levels of study system

The research provides estimates of the proportion of non-EEA students required to apply for visas under Tier 4 of the Points Based System who are coming to study in the UK at different types of...

EDU Energy Portal and associated systems on DECC-owned EDU system

E-commerce portal to support oil and gas licencing in the north sea

OS MasterMap Water Network Layer

OS MasterMap Water Network Layer offers one of the world’s most detailed, heighted water networks – showing the flow and precise course of every river, stream, lake and canal in Great...

OS Mastermap Highways Network - Paths

OS MasterMap® Highways Network – Paths is the most accurate and authoritative path network dataset for Great Britain. It reveals who's responsible for all the footpaths through towns and...

OS Mastermap Highways Network - Roads

OS MasterMap® Highways Network is the most complete, detailed and accurate navigable road network dataset for Great Britain. It records the dimensions and accessibility of roads. For all highways...

Human Resources Management System (HRMS (iTrent))

A collection of datasets showing HR, recruitment, payroll and learning and development information for Ofsted employees.