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Additional Total affordable by LA where located

Statistics on: Additional social rented homes provided local authority area

Allotment Locations

Indicative locations of all known allotments in London, as gathered during the London Assembly Scrutiny investigation in 2006. This dataset was created by the GLA's GIS team on behalf of the...

Leisure locations

London Borough of Barnet funded leisure locations

Additional Intermediate affordable by LA where located

Statistics on: Additional units of intermediate affordable housing provided by local authority area

Dune Slack Likely Locations

This record is for Approval for Access product AfA440. This product shows the likely locations and boundaries of dune slacks for sites around England. A dune slack is a depression in coastal dune...

TSP 10: UK Regular Forces Stationed Location

This publication is now called the Quarterly Location Statistics – UK Regular Armed Forces and Civilian Personnel and it will be released under its new name. Source agency: Defence Designation:...

Active locations

Details of locations and the different activities available.

Existing Waste Locations

North London Waste Plan - Existing Waste Locations

Cooling tower locations

A dataset providing the locations of cooling towers. This is a combined list managed and enforced by Leeds City Council and the Health & Safety Executive. Cooling towers are part of a system...

CCTV camera locations

Spatial dataset of all council managed surveillance camera CCTV locations across Durham. Covert and re-deployable camera locations are not shown for operational and legal reasons. Schools and...

Grit bin locations

Grit bin locations showing council grit bin id number and x and y co-ordinates. Automated update ---------------- * This dataset is updated automatically annually by 30th April each year. * ...

Strategic Industrial Locations

Areas allocated for industry and warehousing in the Southampton City Council Local Plan

Locations regulated by CQC

JSON File displaying all National CQC Regulated locations with their name, location ID and postcode.

Preferred Industrial Locations

Polygon layer of preferred industrial locations (PIL) mapped as part of the Authority’s Local Development Framework

Secondary Schools' Location

Secondary Schools' Location in York. *Please note that the data published within this dataset is a live API link to CYC's GIS server. Any changes made to the master copy of the data will be...

Cycle Counters Locations

Location of automatic traffic counters (ATC) for bicycles in York. For data regarding the...

Footfall Cameras Location

Location of Footfall Tracking Cameras in York. *Please note that the data published within this dataset is a live API link to CYC's GIS server. Any changes made to the master copy of the data...

Natural England office locations

Natural England office locations. Attribution statement: © Natural England copyright.

Strategic Industrial Locations

Strategic Industrial Locations (SILs) are designated in the London Plan comprise Preferred Industrial Locations (PILs) and Industrial Business Parks and exist to ensure that London provides...

Strategic Industrial Locations

Existing commercial and industrial locations from Boston Borough Council’s 1999 adopted local plan