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Special advisers’ quarterly returns on gifts, hospitality and media meetings

The Department publishes quarterly details of: all gifts received by each special adviser; all hospitality received by special advisers. This does not normally include attendance at...

Paper File Series

The data provides a list of paper file series originating from the FSA and the number of each held in archive, as well as their function and current owner. Information on electronic file series...

Functional and epiphytic biodiversity differences between nine tree species in the UK

[This dataset is embargoed until November 1, 2021]. The dataset contains information from 234 trees at six sites across the UK collected in 2018. The tree species studied were Acer pseudoplatanus...

GH Event guest / host data

Names, address and titles of guests at ministerial functions

Ecosystem function and vegetation data from Parsonage Down, UK, in 2013

This dataset contains vegetation survey data and nitrate and ammonium concentrations, microbial biomass data, particle size, and nitrification and mineralisation rates within soils from an...


Hosted by Iron Mountain: eSearch - manages the physical records (circa 3.7 million) hosted by Iron Mountain . Utilised to locate, retrieve and track all DECC's physical assets. Utilised to manage...

Points of Interest

Points of Interest contains around 4 million places across Great Britain that you can visit – for business and pleasure. Each point is classified into one of more than 600 types, so you can...

Civilian Human Resource

Personal data relating to the pay and personnel functions for civilian employees of the MoD

Electronic File Series 2004-2013

The data provides a list of Food Standards electronic file series from 2004-2013, their function and quantity of records preserved from each. The current FSA file plan can be found in the dataset...

NI 182 - Satisfaction of business with local authority regulatory services

The percentage of satisfied customers with regulatory services. The term regulatory services corresponds to local authority core functions of trading standards, environmental health and licensing:

Information Management Physical Records System (IMPReS)

Hosted by Iron Mountain: ICMS manages the physical records (circa 3.7 million) held by Iron Mountain on behalf of DECC. Purpose: Utilised to locate, retrieve and track all DECC's physical assets,...

Urban Audit Functional Urban Areas (December 2016) Boundaries

This file contains the digital vector boundaries for Urban Audit Functional Urban Areas, in the United Kingdom, as at December 2016. The boundaries available are: Full resolution - extent of the...

Area Management - Norway Lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) - Functional Units

Nephrops distribution is limited by the extent of suitable muddy sediment in which animals construct burrows. Nephrops are assessed across Europe as individual stocks in 34 functional units (FUs)....

Supplemental Qualifications

Supplemental Qualifications Quarterly Activity Bulletin covers Entry to Level 3 Qualifications for Basic skills, Entry level, ESOL, Free-standing mathematics qualifications, Functional skills, Key...

Public Expenditure Statistical Analysis 2009 - Public corporations

PESA 2009 chapter 8 sets out central government support for public corporations and shows public corporation expenditure against functional and economic frameworks.

External Publications

The external publications contain DfT(C) Staff organisation information on senior staff only. The data includes: - name, payband, unit, contact details (phone, fax, email), job function

Public Expenditure Outturns

Presents UK public spending outturns against the budgetary framework as well as analysis by function. Source agency: HM Treasury Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative...

Personnel Information Management System (PIMS) Leg

HR legacy data system. Stores Department for Transport central legacy data prior to the transfer of HR function to the DVLA Shared Services Centre Swansea in April 2008

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Digital, Data and Technology Services - staff numbers

Numbers of staff in Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Digital, Data and Technology Services - on 1 May 2016. The numbers are broken down by functional areas. Attribution statement:

Department for Work and Pensions Annual Report and Accounts

Report showing how DWP functions as a government department including business plan and reports to show how public money is spent