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Cycling City and Towns (CCT) Evaluation respondent identifiers.

Sample information on approx. 7000 households which have agreed to be recontacted as part of this research project. Can be linked to Senior Research and Evaluation (SRE) 3B but is stored separately...

Shared Services Centre SSC COL

SSC COL represents the Local Area Network (LAN) where work documents are stored.

Security Connect

Links security pass system to DFID Connect to allow staff photos to be uploaded/stored and disassociated.

Senior Civil Service Pay

Annual Senior Civil Service (SCS) Pay Award & bonus recommendations stored in a series of password protected spreadsheets.


SAP is an HR core management system, holds HR records. Data stored -Diversity Data; National Insurance Nos; Bank Details.

Transec Information Management System (TIMS) - 1

Contact database. Names, addresses, telephone number and e-mail of up 10,000 transport industry security contacts. Information is stored on the TIMS system.

Dangerous Persons Database

UK-wide system used to store and share information and intelligence on those individuals who have been identified as posing a risk of serious harm to the public.

Personnel Information Management System (PIMS) Leg

HR legacy data system. Stores Department for Transport central legacy data prior to the transfer of HR function to the DVLA Shared Services Centre Swansea in April 2008


Application used to store information on where all HQ UKSC/GSG telephones, both Military and Civil including DSL Broadband accounts are located along with their user address details.

Shared Services Centre (SSC CA)

SSC CA represents the information stored within the Outlook Address Book which contains emails, addresses and telephone numbers for Shared Services Centre staff, DVLA staff and DSA staff.

Cycling City and Towns (CCT) Evaluation survey data.

Anonymised survey returns including demographic data, data on travel behaviours and data on attitudes. The data will be stored electronically on the Department for Transport system and on the...

UKCCSRC Call 1 project report: Technology review - laboratory experiments investigating the leakage of geologically stored CO2

This review details the laboratory experiments that have investigated leakage of geologically stored CO2 (as of June 2013). These experiments have covered a range of leakage factors. Knowledge of...

Borehole data from SAFIRE drill site, Store Glacier, Greenland. (NERC grant NE/K006126/1)

2014 and 2016 time series of basal multiprobe data (Dataset 1), englacial temperature data (Dataset 2), and englacial tilt data (Dataset 3) measured in boreholes drilled at the location of the...

Surface data from SAFIRE drill site, Store Glacier, Greenland (NERC grant NE/K006126/1)

2014 and 2016 time series of automatic weather station (AWS) data (Dataset 1) and (ii) GPS data (Dataset 2) at the location of the SAFIRE research project, Store Glacier, Greenland.

Gridded model estimates of nitrate-N stored in the vadose (unsaturated) zone at the global scale from 1900 to 2000

Gridded model estimates of nitrate-N stored in the vadose (unsaturated) zone. This dataset presents annual gridded estimates of nitrate stored in the vadose zone for 1900 - 2000 on a 0.5 degree...

Personnel Information Management System (PIMS) SD

Legacy HR system, now phased out/migrated to Shared Services/Systems Applications and Products (SAP). Data stored - Name, Staff No., Pay Band, Work Hours, Org Unit and Cost centre

Defence Irregularity Reporting Cell Database

Reports of suspected Fraud submitted to the DIR Cell.  All stored on Magic Database which holds personal data relelvant to witnesses, persons of interest, investiating officers, investigation...

Cereal Stocks, UK / England and Wales

Presents data on the quantities of cereals held in stores in England and Wales. Source agency: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Defence Irregularity Reports

Defence Irreugularity reports - MOD reports of irregularities submitted to the DIRC via Defence Network, letters, phone calls. All stored on Magic Database which holds personal data relelvant to...

Database of registered common land in England

The commons database has been developed over a ten-year period up until 2000. The database was originally designed as rudimentary day-to-day working tool for storing data generated from the...