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Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust Publication of Spend Over £25k March 2017

Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust Publication of Spend Over £25k March 2017

Grant Thornton Vibrant Economy Index - Community, Trust and Belonging (Rank out of 324)

Grant Thornton Vibrant Economy Index - Community, Trust and Belonging (Rank out of 324)

TSB Board members declared interests

Register of Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Board Members declared interests

Internal Practice Guidance

Material written for Land Registry casework staff relating to all aspects of land registration practice and procedure.

Open Mosaic Habitat (Draft)

Verified sites of Open Mosaic Habitat. Open mosaic habitats can be extremely diverse, including such wide ranging sites as railway sidings, quarries, former industrial works, slag heap, bings and...

East Cambridgeshire District Council Brownfield Land Register 2017

The Brownfield Land Register is a new initiative to provide up-to-date and consistent information on previously developed sites which are considered appropriate for residential development. Through...


Post Well Analysis (PWA) conducted by OGA. Layer contains links to individual assessments of each well 

Trunk Road Network WMS service

This WMS service portrays those Roads for which Scottish Ministers are the Roads Authority. The dataset is a subdivision of the network into Roads of similar characteristic on which other data can...

Canine Semen Import Licences 2014

This dataset covers the number of import licences issued by APHA for the import of Canine Semen into England. The dataset covers the date APHA issued the licence, the breed of dog and the country...

Schools in Wales: General Statistics

Provides a comprehensive summary of schools statistics for Wales. Source agency: Welsh Government Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Schools in Wales: General...

Bathymetric Survey - 2000-09-25 - Mounts Bay

IPR Holder: Ministry of Defence; Purpose: Safety of navigation; IHO Sea: English Channel - 21; Survey Start: 2000-09-25; Survey End: 2000-11-17; Primary Instrument Type: Echosounder - multibeam;...

Water Body Measures Swale, Ure, Nidd and Upper Ouse

Water body measures are the actions which will be taken on the ground to help achieve water body objectives. They are brought about by a range of legal, policy or financial mechanisms and involve...

FOI (Freedom of Information) - Total Received - (YTD)

FOI (Freedom of Information) - Total Received - (YTD)

2015 - 2017 Community Seagrass Initiative (CSI) South Coast Cornwall, Devon and Dorset Seagrass Transect Survey

The Community Seagrass Initiative is a citizen science lead monitoring programme. It focusses on sub-tidal seagrass beds in the South West of England between Looe in Cornwall and Weymouth in...

Care Information Choices

Data on patient opt-out information received from GP Practices. There are two types of opt-out: * A type 1 opt-out prevents information being shared outside a GP practice for purposes other...

National Vascular Registry 2015 Annual Report - AAA Repair Results

The NVR is the National Vascular Registry. It is a national clinical audit commissioned by the Health Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) to measure the quality of care for patients who undergo...

Cattle born in Wales slaughtered in England and Scotland 2008

This dataset as reported to the Rural Payments Agency contains deaths by country, breed type, and age at death born in Wales and slaughtered in England and Scotland 2008 Attribution statement:

Lichfield District Council County Electoral Wards

The county electoral of Lichfield District Council. Captured as boundaries by the Ordnance Survey.

Primary Shopping Frontage - Central Area

Primary Shopping Frontage within Northampton's CAAP (Central Area Action Plan) boundary.

1911 - 1911 Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (Cefas) Survey : DOVE/01/1911 (part of CEFAS Historic surveys)

This survey was undertaken by Cefas as part of the CEFAS Historic surveys; ... Survey took place between 02/03/1911 and 06/03/1911 on Evadne Equipment used during this survey : - Dove Marine...