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Safety on the railways

A summary of safety on the rail network Source agency: Office of Rail and Road Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Safety on the railways

Railway Safety

Includes policy, liaison, investigations, trends and guidance

National Rail Enquiry Service

The National Rail Enquiry Service (NRES) provides information, primarily on train times and fares. It covers enquiries made through the telephone service, as well as self-service channels such as...

Timetabled Train Kilometres

Timetabled train kilometres (TTKM) show the number of kilometres each train operating company will achieve according to the winter and summer train timetable if they are operating at full...

Regional rail usage

Source agency: Office of Rail and Road Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Regional Rail usage

Freight rail usage

Great Britain annual and quarterly data on freight rail usage. Source agency: Office of Rail and Road Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Freight Rail...

Email Traffic

Total number of emails sent and received across the FSA PSN network per month.

International Road Haulage Survey (IRHS)

International data for GB-registered HGVs, input data includes names and addresses of individuals and companies together with vehicle registration mark. (50000 records)

Historical rail passenger demand data

Rail Service Analysis - Historic Rail Passenger Demand Data derived from LENNON/CAPRI

Transport Connectivity Travel Time Data

Representative travel times from each small area of England to selected transport destinations (airports, larger rail stations and major road junctions) which are the outputs of journey time...

RSA: Channel Tunnel rail statistics

Statistics on channel tunnel rail passengers and freight

London Area Travel Survey (LATS)

The London Area Travel Survey (LATS) collected data on a sample of rail journeys in 2001. Data items include origin & destination addresses, rail stations used, reason for journey, ticket type,...

Vehicle Licensing Statistics Great Britain

This publication provides monthly new registrations of vehicles and quarterly licenced vehicle numbers in Great Britain Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Air passenger experience of security screening

Results from the module of the CAA air passenger survey giving their experiences. Source agency: Transport Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language:...

Greater Anglia Data Site

Web-based. Holds information, in lieu of a physical data room, for accredited bidders. Competition for the franchise has ended. The data site is archived by the data site provider on to DVD. Will...

GB Road Lengths

Length of roads by road class

Non-consolidated Performance Related Pay - Department for Transport

The tables below provides information on non-consolidated performance related payments in the Department for Transport and its agencies after 1 April 2010. This information is updated...

Car Parks

This dataset of car parks in Great Britain was created for the Transport Direct journey planning website. It includes co-ordinates of each car park and entrance/exit, car park name, locality and...

NI 175 Access to services and facilities by public transport, walking and cycling

Access to core services and facilities by individuals through public transport, walking and cycling. Source: Department for Transport (DfT) Publisher: DCLG Floor Targets Interactive Geographies:...

Road Traffic and Congestion in Great Britain

Quarterly bulletin providing statistics on road traffic and congestion in Great Britain. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Road...