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Measurement Workbooks

Monthly metrics data covering planned v actual project costs and man days.

Annual Planned Activity on Delivery Feed Law Controls

Exercise to establish estimated numbers of animal feed official controls inspections to be delivered in England by Local Authorities.

Section 17 Third Party Information (TPI) Mart

UK bank and building interest data obtained under our statutory powers Section 17

Ceaser Reports

Audit of supplier's performance in terms of sustainable development and diversity. Updated: annually.

National Archives - Sustainable Development Targets

See information regarding The National Archives' sustainable development targets for 2011-12.

Fleming cases Database

Details of VAT Flemings claims managed. ‘Fleming claims’ are claims for under-declared or overpaid VAT, potentially going back as far as the inception of VAT in 1973. They followed the House of...

Personal Equity Plans (PEP)

Data on Personal Equity Plans (PEP)

Paper File Series

The data provides a list of paper file series originating from the FSA and the number of each held in archive, as well as their function and current owner. Information on electronic file series...

Poultry Inspection Assistant

List of  premises approved by Food Standards Agency using Poultry Inspection Assistants (PIAs) including numbers of PIAs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as at March 2017.

The National Archives - Energy Consumption

Please find details of The National Archive's energy consumption at their main building in Kew.

Raw Drinking Milk Premises in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

A list of Raw Drinking Milk premises registered with the Food Standards Agency (including species).

Country plans for WW1 commemorations

Details of planned commemorations both by the UK and other countries


Application used to store information on where all HQ UKSC/GSG telephones, both Military and Civil including DSL Broadband accounts are located along with their user address details.

Locard - Evidence

Locard - adapted from police evidence capture system. Plans to use in house Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) system in preparation.


System administering physical access to HQ buildings.

Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) Delivery Team – Geodata:

Central Management Information tool for Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) Delivery Team


Strategic Workforce Planning tool.

Pooling of Housing Receipts

Information on (a) local authorities' housing receipts (particularly Right to Buy receipts), (b) calculation of what parts are poolable, and (c) the amounts each local authority has actually paid

Northern Ireland Coastal Zone

This report brings together a range of indicators of sustainable development of the Northern Ireland coastal zone, which can be used to monitor progress towards achieving the goals for coastal...

Northern Ireland Municipal Waste Management Statistics

This report concerns Municipal and Household waste management for all 26 District Councils in Northern Ireland in the annual reporting year. Source agency: Environment (Northern...