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Office Furniture Specifications

Specifications and details of products by supplier that meet HMRC requirements. Updated: ad hoc.

Time To Pay arrangements

Time to pay arrangements are bi-lateral arrangements between taxpayers and HMRC where and arrangement to pay tax cue over an extended time period has been agreed. Updated: monthly.

Air Passenger Duty Bulletin

Monthly statistics on Air Passenger Duty receipts and passenger numbers for the UK. Source agency: HM Revenue and Customs Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title:...

Income Tax Deducted from Pay Statistics

Information on the industry distribution of PAYE (Pay As You Earn) tax deducted from pay by tax year. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Income tax statistics and...

Tax Credits

Administrative datasets on Tax Credits

Organogram and staff pay data in the Office of Fair Trading

A list of most Senior Civil Service posts in the Office of Fair Trading including title, pay for PB1 and PB2, and where disclosed, the name of the officer. FTE for all non-SCS staff reporting to an...

Staff permanent promotions

Details of staff permanently promoted. Updated: annually.

Crown Prosecution Service Annual Report 2014-2015 - Casework Statistics

This is the underlying data for casework statistics as included in the Crown Prosecution Service Annual Report, 2014-2015

Inheritance Tax

Administrative datasets on Inheritance Tax

UK Trade and Investment spend

The government is committed to setting new standards for transparency so the public can more easily see how and where taxpayers’ money is being spent and hold politicians, government departments...

National Archives - customer satisfaction

Details of customer satisfaction recorded for National Archives

Alcohol Duties Factsheet

The Alcohol Duties Factsheet provides information on for alcoholic drinks - spirits, wine, beer and cider. The factsheet contains historic series of the amounts of goods cleared, the amount of...

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Administrative datasets on Value Added Tax

Tobacco Bulletin

Monthly statistics on clearances of cigarettes & tobacco products and duty receipts for the UK. Previously listed under 'Tobacco Duties Statistical Bulletin'. Source agency: HM Revenue and...

CPS - Permanent Secretaries' meetings with outside organisations quarterly report

A quarterly report on meetings with outside organisations attended by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) who, for the purposes of this report, is regarded as a Permanent Secretary. This...

Taxpayers' payments on time

Proportion of businesses and individuals (excluding employees who pay tax through PAYE) who pay tax on time – we will use VAT as a lead indicator.

Tax Revenue Forecasts

5 year ahead revenue forecasts for all taxes

PAYE and Corporate Tax Receipts from the Banking Sector

PAYE and corporation tax receipts from the banking sector Pay-As-You-Earn (income tax and national insurance contributions). Previously listed under 'PAYE and corporation tax receipts from the...

Customer Experience Survey

A survey of HMRC's customers experience. Updated: quarterly.

Staff temporary promotions

Details of staff on temporary promotion. Updated: annually.