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Information Management and Security Incident Logs

Information Management and Security Incident Logs (does not contain Cyber Incidents).

North Sea Oil Model

SAS based field microsimulation model used principally for forecasting North Sea oil and gas revenues. Includes survey data of oil and gas companies' production and expenditure, as well as...

Woodland areas, planting and restocking

Provisional UK statistics on areas of woodland, certified woodland, new planting and restocking. Source agency: Forestry Commission Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Survey commissioned from The Renewable Energy Association Ltd of Non-Domestic Woodfuelled Biomass Boilers in England 2008, 2009 and 2010

Spatial dataset showing the names and locations of boiler installations and the nature of the boilers

Timber Price Indices

Coniferous standing sales price index and sawlog price index for Great Britain. Source agency: Forestry Commission Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Timber...

Woodlands for Wales Indicators

Progress indicators for Woodlands for Wales, the Welsh Assembly Government's strategy for woodlands and trees Source agency: Forestry Commission Designation: Official Statistics not designated as...

FCI/CCIR - IRIS conditions

A list of post-mortem rejection conditions, agreed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in partnership with the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) and representatives of the...

Data Sharing Register

This dataset is an abridged version of the Information Management and Security Team log of Data Sharing Agreements. The log is used to record, track and report on the various data sharing...

Forestry Commission England Corporate Plan Performance Indicators Input Indicator 1 supporting dataset

Components of Input Indicator 1: Cost to Forest Services of providing tree health service including surveys and staff time

Forest Regulation Task Force questionnaire Question 4 responses on priorities for change

Answers by organisations to Question 4 of the questionnaire on stakeholders' priorities for change

Document preservation and treatment

Data relating to repository environments

Other Species Conditions Data

Conditions data in species other than cattle, poultry, pigs and sheep & goats, collected by Food Standards Agency staff at approved meat establishments as a percentage of throughput. The data...

UK Designated Points of Entry

List of UK ports approved to accept high risk food of non-animal origin.

Quarterly Monitoring of Feed Law Controls

Numbers of animal feed inspections delivered and sampling carried out by Local Authorities on a quarterly basis, summarised by regional Trading Standards groups.

Salmonella testing programme

Results of the Salmonella Testing Programme collected by the Food Standards Agency's which applies to food business operators processing over 37,500 pigs a year. The results are reported by month.


Employee records of - driving licence, European Protected Species Licence, Inst of Civil Engineers Supervising Civil Engineer

Yearly reports on District Areas

This document gives information on the amount of land managed by Forestry Commission and other data such as woodland area

Climate change levy

Administrative datasets on the climate change levy

UNECE Timber Committee Questionnaire

UK data on wood production and trade for United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Source agency: Forestry Commission Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National...

Forestry Facts and Figures

Summary statistics on woodland area, planting, timber, trade, environment, recreation, employment and finance for the UK. Source agency: Forestry Commission Designation: National...