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Health and Safety Incidents Among MOD Personnel

This report provides figures for adverse work-related health outcomes occurring for health and safety reasons recorded on the Ministry of Defence Incident Recording and Information System (IRIS),...

Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons inspectors database

Details of Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons inspectors

TSP 7: UK Reserves and Cadets Strengths

UK reserves and cadets strengths Source agency: Defence Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: TSP 7

Global Threat Reduction Programme Nuclear Security Access List

Details of individuals with clearance to access various international nuclear installations

UK Armed Forces Quarterly Manpower Statistics

This is a quarterly publication containing requirements, strengths, intake and outflow from the UK Armed Forces. This data is broken down by Service, Officer/Rank, Training Indicator, gender and...

MCS-CMAO Database

Tracks and manages Army RAF Court Martial cases

Police use of force

Statistics on incidents where police officers use force; including type of force, reason, outcome, injuries, and subject information (such as age, gender).

Cablemaster Designer

Army App managed by Army Command

UK Search and Rescue (SAR) Data Site

Web-based data room for the UK SAR procurement project. Originally named GAP SAR

Fiji Database

Database of Fijian applicants who applied to join the Army through one of the Fiji OPTs in 2008.

Defence Logistic Information Item of Supply Information System (ISIS)

Includes information on standards

HQ - CO - Civilian Personnel Database

Commando Training Centre Royal Marines(CTCRM) - Database to help personnel management of CTCRM MOD Civil Servants.

Tregantle firing programme

Firing notice for Tregantle. For comprehensive information on firing times for Tregantle please go to the following link:

TSP 3: UK Armed Forces Strengths and Requirements

Strengths and requirements of the UK Armed Forces. Please note that this publication is no longer produced following consultation. Details can be found on the DASA website by following the link...

Chemical Weapons Convention Inspectors database

Details of all Chemical Weapons Convention inspectors worldwide

Quarterly Iraq and Afghanistan Amputation Statistics

This quarterly report provides statistical information on the number of Armed Forces personnel who as a result of an injury sustained whilst deployed on Operations in Iraq or Afghanistan have...

Defence EOD Operator Datasets

Training and assessment data for Defence EOD Operators

Deaths database

A system to record all armed forces deaths

Suicide and Open Verdict Deaths in the UK Regular Armed Forces

Statistics on suicide and open verdict deaths in the UK Regular Armed Forces Source agency: Defence Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Suicide & Open...

CEA Database

CEA details on military personnel who have children in boarding school.