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Certificate of Initial Fitness (COIF) Database

Contains COIF Master Vehicle information.

Speed Limiter Tacho

Contains records of Tachograph and Speed limiter approved centres.

Standard Lists for HGV, Trailer & PSV

Manufacturer provided technical data on vehicle weights and measurements for Heavy Goods Vehicles, Trailers and Public Service Vehicle.

Passenger Carrying Service Providers

Database of passenger carrying service providers travelling abroad and record of permits issued

ADR & Certificates

The database holds details of vehicles that are tested under the (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road in Europe) ADR agreement. Vehicle owner, vehicle, certificate data and test information held in...

Enforcement and Operator Maintenance files

Court papers and/or warning letters reference offences detected with relevant correspondence from alleged offender(s) & Prohibition Goods 9/Prohibition Goods 10 notices & Maintenance...

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Lotus notes application holds customer info for HGV & PSV operators who already are/have expressed interest in Designated Premises or Authorised Testing Facilities. Allows tracking of...

Class 4 MOT Results by Make and Model 2007

Normal, Completed, MOT test results for Class 4 Vehicles in 2007, by vehicle make, model and year of first use. Also included are the number of tests with one or more advisory, prs or fail type...

Reduced Pollution Certificate Database

Record of Reduced Pollution Certificates. Data collection ceased.

Human Resources (HR)

Name, address, contact points, ethnic monitoring, cost centres, training courses attended, absence records, bank details, hours worked e.g. Part Time or Full Time, manager, pension details, salary,...

Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA)

Information used to process IVA Applications and is Lotus Notes based, containing report owner personal details and technical information.

Health & Safety Reports, Assessments etc

Anything to do with Health & Safety or well being issues within VOSA personal information for individuals when have assisted, risk assessed, conducted accident investigations on etc

MOT (Ministry of Transport) Technical Information

Internal database used for MOT Inspection Manual amendments. To go on the Intranet in due course. MOT Inspection Manual is used for periodic queries taken by Enquiry Unit that appear to not be in...

Siebel Booking System

Vehicle Testing Operational IS System (incorporates e-Test Bookings and Vehicle Testing)

Electronic Case Management System (ECMS)

An electronic system able to be passed electronically between staff/departments for managing work flows & casework. It covers all prosecution work, investigations for MOT, Maintenance, working...

Certificates & Applications in TSB

Application forms and Certificates that have been returned to Technical Services Branch (TSB) following a test. Each type of form and certificate is on a separate film

Ministry of Transport (MOT) VTS Files

Vehicle Testing System files, application forms and supporting documentation (including plans). Approval documentation and copies of any Vehicle Tester visits and disciplinary action.

HGV & PSV Test Certificates

Pads of Certificates for Heavy Goods Vehicles and Public Service Vehicles, including originals before issue and carbon copies once issued.

Vehicle Testing System (VTS)

Vehicle Testing Operational IS System (incorporates Technical Records )

Compliance Paper Records - OLBS

Letters sent from or to the Compliance Team and sometimes to Licensing. Hardcopies of conviction notifications from Prosecution and Legal Services (PLS) or Area Offices. Offences from Area offices...