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Technical Services Laboratories

Agencies database. Records of laboratories appointed as Technical Services by Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). Includes contact details for relevant laboratory staff.


Project based time recording, expenses and invoicing.


Payroll Data

End of Life Vehicles

End of Life Vehicles: Records of information supplied by vehicle producers and of enforcement visits. Contact names and addresses. Records relating to the criminal justice system.

US Type Approval

Manufacturers' vehicle, system & component information documents, type approval test reports and approvals

Overseas Offices Contracts

Contracts for Type Approval and Management Systems Certification work carried out by VCA in India & China

Noise Emission

Noise emissions in the environment testing register. Data includes noise label, declaration of conformity, testing body, authorised product licence holder in UK. Includes records relating to the...

East Asia Office Staff Records

Staff information, both UK civil servant and local staff

Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM)

Engine emissions for Non-Road Mobile Machinery register. Data includes engine type, engine family, emissions levels, approval type number. Includes records relating to the criminal justice system

Statutory Instrument

Statutory Instrument lists. Lists of current and draft type approval S.I.s. Consultee lists.

Type Approval Register

Type approval register. Data includes component/vehicle type, subject of approval, manufacturer details, CO2 emissions, fuel consumption. Also includes extensions to type approval.

Point of Sale (POS) Customer Data

Point of sale software customer information

East Asia Office Customer Correspondence

Customer correspondence

Replacement Catalytic Converters

Replacement Catalytic Converters. Contact details and correspondence with producers and distributors. Market surveillance reports. Includes records relating to the criminal justice system.

Commission Notice & Single Vehicle Approval

Commission Notice & Single Vehicle Approval, 3000 records per annum collected. Name address and contact details held, whether cheque payment was used ("yes" or "no" only) and vehicle details

Business Development General Enquiries

General enquiries from public and others

Management Systems Certification Data

Management Systems Certification (MSC) Job Register and Databases ( MSC DB, Acorn DB, and Training DB). These hold details on companies, systems certified and training conducted with particular...

Secure Registration Scheme

Secure registration scheme:- Records of applications for authorisation to use the DVLA secure registration scheme and records of audits. Names and addresses of applicants

IEMA Register

Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) Register. Records of certificates issued including company details and contact staff.

Job Applications

Job applications for all vacancies advertised by VCA