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LP96 Urban District Boundary

The urban district boundary taken from the Teignbridge 1996 Local Plan

Teignbridge DNP Boundary

Dartmoor is an area of moorland in south Devon, England. Protected by National Park status as Dartmoor National Park, it covers 954 square kilometres (368 sq mi). The granite upland...

TDC District Boundary

Teignbridge District Council boundary.


Basic Land and Property Unit (BLPU) is defined in BS7666 part 2 as an area of land in uniform property rights or, in the absence of such ownership evidence or where required for administration...

Authorised Landfills

Landfill sites originally form the Environment Agency. Captured at 1:10k scale. Used as a planning constraint.

Village Greens

Village greens owned by TDC. Part of the asset register.


Wards in the United Kingdom are electoral districts at sub-national level represented by one or more councillors. The ward is the primary unit of English electoral geography for civil parishes,...

Asset Register

Property owned by Teignbridge District Council.


Parish is a type of local authority found in England which is the lowest, or first, tier of local government. They are elected bodies and have variable tax raising powers. Parish councils are...

Local Nature Reserves

Local Nature Reserves (LNR) are sites with public access that are important for people to enjoy and learn about wildlife. LNR is a statutory designation made by Local Authorities,...

Listed Buildings

Property registered as a Listed Building.

TPO Polygons

Tree preservation order (TPO) polygons represent statutory protection afforded to trees under the Planning Order 1991. A TPO may cover a single tree, area or woodland.

TPO Points

Tree preservation order (TPO) points represent statutory protection afforded to trees under the Planning Order 1991. A TPO may cover a single tree, area or woodland.

Conservation Areas

Conservation Area is a tract of land that has been awarded protected status in order to ensure that natural features, cultural heritage or biota are safeguarded. A conservation area may be a nature...

Planning Applications

Development Control planning applications regulate land use and new buildings.

Miscellaneous Part 3 Charges

Miscellaneous Part 3 Charges are subsection of the local land charges register for planning. A Section 106 Agreement is a planning agreement shown within the Part 3 Charge on a local...

Teignbridge District Boundary

Local authority district boundary.

Strategic Open Breaks

Stategic Open Breaks maintain the physical separation of certain settlements, development within the following open breaks will be limited to that which retains their open character and their...

Historic Landfills

Historic Landfill Sites in Teignbridge. Created by The Environment Agency from a number of sources, for use planning considerations. Captured at 1:10k scale.

Ancient Monuments

Land and property registered as an Ancient Monument.