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Sunniside Character Appraisal

Character appraisal and management strategy document for Sunniside Conservation Area

Sunderland Play Areas

List of 118 play areas run by the Council and Sunderland Housing Group.

Sunderland Post Offices

List of all Post Offices within the Sunderland City Boundary.

Newbottle Village Character Appraisal

Character appraisal and management strategy document for Newbottle Village Conservation Area

Sunderland Sports Halls

List of Sports Halls in the City of Sunderland. Other information provided with this is number of courts and who the hall belongs too (e.g school, leisure centre etc).

Sunderland Recycling Sites

List of Recycling Sites across the City. These sites include everything from paper and cans to shoes and textiles.

Sunderland Regeneration Areas

All 5 Regeneration Boundaries in Sunderland.

Sunderland Swimming Pools

List of Swimming Pools across the City. These are categorised into Public, Private and School facilities.

Sunderland Job Centre Plus

List of all the Job Centre Plus sites in the City of Sunderland.

Sunderland Golf Courses

List of public and private Golf courses across the City of Sunderland.

Sunderland Car Parks

List of 48 public car parks within Sunderland. These include Surface (off street), On Street, Off Street (Charged) and Multi Storey. Also number of spaces available.

Sunderland Village Greens

List of Village Greens within the City of Sunderland. This data also includes the date it was registered as a Village Green.

Sunderland Flood Risk Zones

Areas of flood risks within the City of Sunderland.

Sunderland Strategic Industrial Locations

These are the two Strategic Industrial locations within Sunderland (Policy CS3.2)

Sunderland Tennis Courts

List of Tennis courts in Sunderland. Information held on these consists of; number of courts, condition and status (e.g public, school etc).

Sunderland Opticians

List of all Opticians with the Sunderland boundary.

Town or Village Greens

Location of all Town or Village Greens within Sunderland. Data also contains information on date registered and also the Town/Village Green number

Sunderland Council Football Pitches

List of all current council owned football pitches.

Sunderland urban area boundary

This is the boundary of the urban area within Sunderland

Sunderland Wards 1982

All 25 historic Ward Boundaries as of 1982 in Sunderland.