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Stockport GCSE Results

This dataset contains GCSE results by LSOA for pupils resident in Stockport at the time they sat their examinations. Data is provided for the years 2006-15. K4Lar = Count of pupils sitting their...

Tree Preservation Orders

Tree Preservation Orders in Stockport

Stockport Powered Assets

This dataset contains the locations of a variety of powered assets within the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, including street lights, bollards and lit signs. The data is accurate as at February...

Manchester Airport bird consultation zone

13 kilometre buffer around Manchester Airport representing the need for consultation for potential bird attractant developments

Stockport Parks

Location and boundaries of parks in the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport.

Air Quality Management Areas

Air Quality Management Areas in Stockport

Highway Schemes

Highway Schemes in Stockport

Stockport Play Areas

Locations of play areas within the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport.

Stockport Allotments

Location and boundaries of allotments within the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport.

Stockport Rights of Way

This dataset contains details of Public Rights of Way within the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport.

Pollution Monitoring

Pollution monitoring sites

Stockport Traffic Signals

This dataset contains locations of traffic signals in Stockport, including Signals, Puffins, Pelicans, Pegasus, Wig Wags, Toucans, and LRT. The data is derived from open data published by...

Local Wildlife Sites

Local Wildlife Sites are identified and selected for their local nature conservation value. They protect threatened species and habitats acting as buffers, stepping stones and corridors between...

Trade Union Facility Time

Trade Union information as required under Transparency Code including numbers, unions and estimated spend.

Stockport Gambling Licensed Premises

Locations of premises licensed as bookmakers in the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport.

Purchase Orders over £5000

This data set is duplicated and the correct version is available at A request has been submitted to delete this data set.

Stockport Secondary School Attendance and Free School Meals

This dataset contains data on attendance and free school meal eligibility for secondary schools in Stockport. **Attendance** Data for 2015/16 academic year Tot_Pupil: Distinct count of pupils...

Stockport Leisure Facilities

This dataset contains the locations of leisure facilities in Stockport as at February 2017.

Stockport Hospital Attendances and Admissions

This data contains Emergency Department attendances, emergency admissions and alcohol related admissions for Stockport residents, aggregated by LSOA. The data provided for each item is the direct...

Stockport Births and Deaths

This dataset contains the count of births and fertility rate by LSOA for 2015, along with the count and direct age standardized rate of deaths for the period 2013-15. Information on the...