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Plastic ID Card System

Details of war pensioners plastic identity card and identification badges for Veterans Advisory and Pension Committee

Skilled Nursing Care

Details of skilled nursing care payments for war pensioners.

SPVA Phone List

Staff work contact details

Departmental Financial Management

Reports expenditure for budget managers

Citibank Direct

Details of overseas war pension payments

Data Preservation Repository

Archive of pay and personnel administration details processed by a number of systems replaced by Joint Personnel Administration (asset No 103)

Armed Forces Pension Scheme In Year Management


Respond Database

Archive of details of non-official correspondence.

Veterans Services Asset Register Database

Details of former information assets

Long Service Advance of Pay

Details of payment to RN officers

Xafinity Paymaster Penserver Unit

Details of pensions and other payments made by payment agent

SARTRAK Database Archive

Archive of details of Subject Access Requests

NAO Master Tracker

Details of National Audit Office information and data samples

Emergency Payment Master Listing, Unit Inputs and Journals

Details to ensure correct financial reconciliation


Details of Ilford Park Polish Home residents care records

Armed Forces Pension Scheme Statistics Documentation

AFPS Main Estimate

Automated Credit Transfer/ Overseas Credit Transfer/ Third Party Payments Database

Details of related payment reconciliation

Filecount & Database of all cases monitored

Details of welfare customer personal information

Naval Secretary's Database

Details of RN officers

File Received Lists CLBI

Details of welfare customer personal information