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SEPA Air Monitoring sites in Scotland

Waste Incinerator

Map showing the location of wste incinerator sites in Scotland which are authorised with SEPA

BGS GeoIndex - Offshore data theme (OGC WxS INSPIRE)

Data from the British Geological Survey's GeoIndex Offshore theme are made available for viewing here. GeoIndex is a website that allows users to search for information about BGS data collections...

Highland Community Partnerships

Highland Community Partnerships are a key part to increasing how we work together and more collaboratively with communities. Each Partnership in Highland is developing its own plan based on the...

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) Utility and Governmental Services

This download service provides spatial data relating to: - SEPA Licensed Sites

National Greenspace Map (WMS)

This service displays data from the dataset identifying greenspace areas for all urban areas >3000 population as per Census 2001 Output Areas, with a 500m buffer applied to the urban fringe....

River Basin Districts

The river basin districts, required for the Water Framework Directive, covering Scotland and parts of England. River basin districts are the areas of land and sea, made up of one or more...

Highland Council Primary School Catchments

Highland Council Area Primary School Catchments.This dataset is maintained by the Care & Learning Service.

Perth & Kinross Polling Districts

Parliamentary polling district boundaries are used internally to manage elections. They are sub-divisions of the 2017 Electoral Ward boundaries.

Sub Basin Districts

WFD Sub Basin Districts for Scotland

Employment Land Audit 2016

The Perth and Kinross Employment Land Audit is prepared annually to provide up to date and accurate information on the supply and availability of employment land for business and industrial use...

Perth & Kinross Primary School Catchment Areas

Boundaries for primary school catchment areas excluding Roman Catholic schools

Waste Landfill Closed

Closed landfill sites

Groundwater water bodies

Groundwater water bodies created for the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC)

BGS Detailed Bedrock and Superficial geology (OGC WxS INSPIRE)

Note: This dataset is designed for the 1:50000 scale but can be viewed in this WMS between 1:100000 and 1:25000 (Only). The 1:50 000 DiGMapGB data covering the whole of the United Kingdom is...

Aberdeen Primary School Catchments

Boundaries of Primary School catchment areas in Aberdeen. (Non-Denominational)

Moray Onshore Wind Energy 2017 Policy Guidance Map for Small-Medium Typologies (Moray)

Areas of Greatest Potential. Scottish Planning Policy states that planning authorities “should identify where there is strategic capacity for wind farms, and areas with the greatest potential for...

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)(Moray)

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's) are served on potentially vulnerable trees which are of significant amenity value to the community as a whole, or trees of significant biodiversity value.

Listed Buildings

Buildings are listed by Historic Scotland for their special architectural or historic interest on behalf of the Scottish Government. The aim of listing such buildings is to protect or enhance their...

Highland Council Flare Zones

This GIS layer details the Flare Zones within the Highland Council Area. A Flare Zone is an administrative area referred to within the operations for Environmental Health. Flare is the Information...