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Normal background concentrations of contaminants (OGC WxS INSPIRE)

The BGS has been commissioned by Defra to provide guidance on what are 'normal' levels of contaminant concentrations in English soils in support of the revision of the Part 2A Contaminated Land...

Lake water bodies

Lake water bodies created for the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC)

Perth & Kinross Wind Turbine Planning Applications

Location of wind turbines with relevant planning application information

Education Facilities

Primary and Secondary schools operated by Dundee City Council.

Local Development Plan - Established Business and Industry Areas

Argyll and Bute adopted Local Development Plan 2015 Established Business And Industry Areas (EBIAs) – These are areas of established business and industrial use. For the purposes of SG LDP BUS 1,...

Obstacles to Fish Passage

Natural and artificial obstacles to the migration of fish, mainly salmonids, in Scotland.

Perth & Kinross Polling Places

Location of polling places to be used for elections in PKC from 2017 onwards

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) 2012

The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) 2012 is the Scottish Government’s official tool for identifying concentrations of deprivation in Scotland. SIMD12 is the Scottish Government’s...

Census Area Statistics (CAS) Wards 2001

A 2001 Census Area Statistic (CAS) ward is one of 2 special wards created for 2001 Census Output. These are both created by aggregating output areas and are only best-fit for electoral...

Area of Great Landscape Value

Location of areas of great landscape value in North Lanarkshire.

Scottish Cultural ProtectedSites (WMS)

Scottish Cultural ProtectedSites are INSPIRE compliant versions of Historic Environment Scotland designations and national monument records data. The Scottish Cultural Designations schema includes...

Initial Awareness Sites

Initial Awareness Sites submitted as part of the Local Plan Review Main Issues Report


Dataset showing the location of the tram line in Edinburgh

Polling Places

Location of polling places in North Lanarkshire.

Fishing Statistics - Pelagic landings (tonnes) from Scottish waters - latest published statistics and previous 4 years

Landings by live weight (tonnes) for commercial fishing activity in Scottish seas of pelagic (oceanic/midwater) fish species, including UK registered fishing vessels wherever they land and non-UK...

Industry (within agglomerations) Noise Contours Lnight Round 1

Data indicating the level of noise according to the strategic noise mapping of industrial sources within areas with a population of at least 250,000 people (agglomerations). Lnight indicates night...

Winding Holes

Point dataset showing the position of winding holes and other recommended turning points along the navigational network. Captured from OS MasterMap.

BGS GeoIndex - Map products data theme (OGC WxS INSPIRE)

Data from the British Geological Survey's GeoIndex Map products theme are made available for viewing here. GeoIndex is a website that allows users to search for information about BGS data...

Green Belt

Perth Green Belt from the 2014 Perth & Kinross Council Adopted Local Development Plan

Highland Council Area Committee Areas

The geogrpahical areas covered by each Area Committee in the Highland Council area.