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Perth & Kinross Wind Turbine Planning Applications

Location of wind turbines with relevant planning application information

Lake water bodies

Lake water bodies created for the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC)

Education Facilities

Primary and Secondary schools operated by Dundee City Council.

Local Development Plan - Established Business and Industry Areas

Argyll and Bute adopted Local Development Plan 2015 Established Business And Industry Areas (EBIAs) – These are areas of established business and industrial use. For the purposes of SG LDP BUS 1,...

Obstacles to Fish Passage

Natural and artificial obstacles to the migration of fish, mainly salmonids, in Scotland.

Perth & Kinross Polling Places

Location of polling places to be used for elections in PKC from 2017 onwards

Normal background concentrations of contaminants (OGC WxS INSPIRE)

The BGS has been commissioned by Defra to provide guidance on what are 'normal' levels of contaminant concentrations in English soils in support of the revision of the Part 2A Contaminated Land...

FGS1420 WIG Deer Management Plan

This option provides grant aid to help owners or occupiers of forested land obtain and prepare the data they need to formulate a robust Deer Management Plan. The plan will help them control deer...

Transitional water bodies

Transitional water bodies created for the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC)

Railway (within agglomerations) Noise Contours Lnight Round 1

Data indicating the level of noise according to the strategic noise mapping of all rail sources within areas with a population of at least 250,000 people (agglomerations). Lnight indicates night...

Fife Cycle Network (WFS)

WFS Service provides download capabilities for details of the Cycle Network in Fife

Local Development Plan - Allocations

A site proposed in the Argyll and Bute adopted Local Development Plan 2015 for specified development purposes which can be expected to be commenced or delivered within the plan-period without...

Scotland's wildness - absence of modern artifacts

One of four component layer of the Scottishmap of relativewildness. This layer shows the level of modern artefacts (detractors)that are visible. The dataset is on a scale of 1-256 indicating...

Local Development Plan - Special Built Environment Areas

Special Built Environment Areas do not have the presence, continuity or quality of ‘conservation areas’ but exhibit special built and land form characteristics which should be safeguarded and...

Housing Land Audit 2017 (Moray)

Housing Land Audit 2017 sites for housing with a capacity for 4 or more homes. The audit provides details of Moray's housing land supply as at January 2017. The audit has been produced using the...

Local Development Plan

The LDP is a strategic land use plan that sets out strategic spatial priorities and policies for South Ayrshire and will secure land for specified uses (e.g. housing/industry etc.) to provide...

Fife Denominational Secondary School Catchment Areas (WFS)

WFS Service provides download capabilities Denominational Secondary School Catchments (WFS)

Areas of Great Landscape Value

Local landscape designation, relevant to the area of the Edinburgh City Local Plan plus the Pentland Hills Regional Park Area. Originates from the Scottish Office SDD Circular 2/1962 which provides...

Historic Landfill Sites

Polygon dataset depicting historic landfill sites across South Ayrshire. Historic landfill sites are places where waste was received to be buried and are now closed or covered.

Scottish Government Economy and Business View Service (WMS)

This view service provides spatial data relating to economy and business held by the Scottish Government.