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Fraud Data

This information relates to counter fraud work undertaken by the Council. The data relates mainly to the number of staff employed, number of investigations undertaken and the occasions when...

Greenspaces (UDP June 2006) - Rochdale Borough Council

Greenspaces are a series of allocations relating to the Rochdale UDP June 2006. These allocations cover planning policies on Greenspace (Chapter 14) and Countryside and the Rural Economy (Chapter...

Business Rates - Rochdale Borough Council

This list includes all business properties liable to non-individuals. The list includes information such as property address, description, ratable value, liable party, empty property information...


The council’s Constitution is the document that describes what we can and can’t do in the decision making process, and establishes the legal framework in which we operate.

Website performance

Our website statistics represent the access and usage records for our domain.

Purchase Order Transactions

A Purchase Order is a document sent by the Council to a supplier indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. Acceptance of a purchase order forms a contract between...

Tree Preservation Orders - Rochdale Borough Council

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is a legally enforceable order made by a local planning authority in England to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands in the interests of amenity. An...

Strategic Industrial Locations (UDP June 2006) - Rochdale Borough Council

Strategic industrial locations are a series of allocations relating to the Rochdale UDP June 2006. These allocations cover planning policies on employment and the economy (Chapter 8): EC/2 –...

Rochdale Borough Council Payment Performance

Under Regulation 113(7) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 – Payment Performance Contracting authorities are required to publish data demonstrating compliance with the obligation to pay...

Pay Multiple and Pay Policy Statement

Rochdale Borough Council produces an annual Pay Policy Statement under Section 38 of the Localism Act 2011 which includes the policy on pay dispersion.

Contract Register

The data lists the contracts awarded by the Council with tender/contract values over £5,000. Data has been excluded or redacted from the publication in line with guidance issued by the Local...

Land & Property Assets - Rochdale Borough Council

Dataset of land and property assets, where the Council has either has an ownership or occupational interest. Council housing stock properties are not part of the land and property...

Simplified Planning Zones - Rochdale Borough Council

A SPZ is a tool for stimulating and encouraging economic growth, investment and job creation. It achieves this by granting a blanket planning permission for particular types of development within...

Procurement Card Transactions

Rochdale Borough Council DOES NOT use Government Procurement Cards.

Stray Dog Information

This report lists the numbers of stray dogs collected, rehomed, euthanised and the costs of the service under environmental protection requirements.

School Agency Spend

Transparency is at the heart of this government. As part of our ongoing commitment to increase openness and transparency we've published our School Agency Spend Data on School...

Public Health Funerals - Rochdale Borough Council

Public health funerals are funerals arranged by local authorities for those people who have died and have no known relatives to arrange or pay for their funeral; or have relatives who do not want...

Rochdale Borough Council Trade Union Facility Time

The data shows detail of information relating to the number of staff who are employed by the council and also act as Trade Union Representatives. Union representative means an employee who has...

Waste Contract

The Transparency Code mandates local authorities to publish details of their existing waste collection contracts. Rochdale Borough Council DOES NOT have a household waste collection contract in place.

Article 4 - Rochdale Borough Council

Article 4 directions are used to control works that could threaten the character of an area of acknowledged importance, such as a conservation area.