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Breastfeeding Welcoming Businesses

Data showing a list of the Breastfeeding Welcoming Businesses.

Students and Academic Results

Data showing qualification details and employment status of full-time students in Plymouth.

Household profiles

Data showing household information in Plymouth including central heating, occupancy rating, average household size and average number of rooms and bedrooms

Diet - x5 or more Fruit and Veg a day - 2014

Data showing Diet - x5 or more Fruit and veg a day - Plymouth - 2014 from the Health and Wellbeing Survey 2014

Mortality rate per 10,000 of people who have had a stroke - 2011-13

Mortality rate per 10,000 of people who have had a stroke - Plymouth - 2011-13

Housing Types

Data showing housing types in Plymouth.

Decided planning applications

Data showing information on planning applications in Plymouth

Planning Compliments and Complaints

Data showing the number of Plymouth Planning's compliments and complaints by year - 2004 - 2016.

CCTV cameras

This Data shows geographic information including longitude and latitude reference points. This geographic data locates all Plymouth City Council's CCTV cameras which are both owned and maintained...

Stalled planning sites

Details of the lapsed or stalled planning applications in Plymouth City Council. Data spans 2006 to 2016.

Housing land supply

Data showing Housing Land supply in Plymouth

Premises Licences - Plymouth City Council

A list of licenced premises within Plymouth City.

City plaques

Dataset showing details of historic plaques in the city including the location, names and links to interesting and historic information.

Local Nature Reserves

Name, area and location of Local Nature Reserves within Plymouth as of November 2019

Housing waiting list

Data showing the number of households on the housing waiting list in Plymouth


Data showing the amount and type of crime committed in Plymouth.

Cricket pitches

Data showing the usage of cricket pitches in Plymouth by organisation.


Data showing all the accessible and inaccessible green space within Plymouth.

Joint Local Plan maps

Shapefiles showing the designated and commitment sites within the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan (JLP) area. CONSULTATION VERSION. These versions of the maps are as they were...

Mortality per 10,000 people with cancer, CHD, COPD and Stroke

Data on Mortality per 10,000 people with cancer, CHD, COPD and Stroke within areas in Plymouth