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Hospital Admissions Attributable to Alcohol in Plymouth

Data showing Hospital Admissions Attributable to Alcohol in Plymouth

Plymouth Wellbeing Survey

Data showing the results of the wellbeing survey undertaken by the Public Health department at Plymouth City Council.

Marine Laboratory

Data showing various data collected by Plymouth Marine Laboratory's E1 Data Buoy. The buoy is located about 20 miles south of Plymouth and collects data such as sea temperature, salinity and...

Household waste

Data showing the percentage of household waste that was sent to be recycled for re-use and composting in Plymouth between the years 2008 to 2015. This is annual data to be provided in June after...

Car/Van Availability

Data showing the amount of cars/vans per household in Plymouth.


Data showing the location of all the schools in Plymouth.

Marine Nature Conservation

Data showing the habitat point records from the 1993 Marine Nature Conservation Review (MNCR) Plymouth survey training data at Bovisand Bay. One time snapshot from 1993, not expected to be...

Lifetime Homes

Data showing the percentage of Lifetime Homes approved.

Planning Decisions

This data show all planning decisions made in Plymouth from 1979 - 2015. It includes the type of application, the planning application number and link to detailed application.

Land use

Data showing the land use statistics of previously-developed land in Plymouth.

Childrens social care expenditure

This data has been taken from LG Inform ( Data Ref ID 1764). It shows financial years 2011/2012 to 2016/2017. Budget - Net current expenditure - children's social...

National Identity

Data showing how people in Plymouth identify themselves by nationality.

Year of arrival to UK

Data showing the year in which foreign born Plymouth residents arrived in the UK.

Ancient trees

Data showing the location of all the ancient trees in Plymouth prior to 2016. Any changes in the records of ancient trees made since then will not be reflected within this data.

Active library users by age

A dataset showing the number of active library users by age band. An active library user is defined as someone who has borrowed/renewed a book or used a library computer within the last year

Mortality rate per 10,000 of people with CHD 2011-13

Data showing Mortality rate per 10,000 of people with CHD - Plymouth - 2011-13

Companies with Breastfeeding Charter Mark

Data showing a list of locations of companies that are accredited with the Breastfeeding Charter Mark.


Data showing the religion of Plymouth residents.

Crowdfund Plymouth

Multiple datasets showing information around Crowdfund Plymouth, a Plymouth City Council campaign which allows the council to review local projects and pledge towards...

Affordable houses customer survey

Data showing customer survey results for those in new affordable homes