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Councillors' allowances and expenses

The Councillors' allowances data includes the basic allowance that all Councillors receive, any Special Responsibility Allowances they receive for special roles such as committee chairmanships,...

Bus and Tram Lanes

A bus lane is an area of the road bounded by delineated road markings and/or signs which is intended for buses only. Cyclists are also permitted to use bus lanes in Nottingham. A tram lane is an...

School Catchments - Primary Sector

Catchments for Nottingham City Infant, Junior and Primary Schools for applications relating to the 2019/20 academic year. Please see the Nottingham City Council website for the latest information...

Trade Union facility time

Details of number of Union representatives, unions recognised, and union spend within NCC.

Leisure Centres

Location of leisure centres owned or operated by Nottingham City Council. The data includes two community-run leisure centres in Nottingham City that are publicly accessible.

Sporting Stadiums

Point locations of sporting stadia in Nottinghamshire.

Loading Areas

Loading areas in the City of Nottingham.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) - EXTERNAL

The Government requests all Local Planning Authorities to keep an up to date Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment. A Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is the process...


This dataset details the location of pathways and non-vehicular routes throughout Nottingham City and some of the surrounding areas. The pathways may variously be alleyways, paths across green and...

Listed Buildings

This dataset represents the location of listed buildings in Nottingham City and contains some textual information including the address, grade, designation date and description.

Recycling Centres

Location of recycling centres in Nottingham. Information about types of materials accepted at the sites is included.