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City Centre Caves Area

Area within the City Centre with a concentrated area of caves.

Highway Planning Lines

The area of Highway Planning Lines safeguarded for road improvements within Nottingham City, indicating areas of land required to deliver transport schemes.

Site Allocations (Detailed) 2020

Areas of land safeguarded for future development from the 2020 Local Plan. This dataset differs from the Site_allocations_2020 dataset in that it includes extra information about each of sites

Enterprise Zone

Areas of high growth potential where simpler planning and discounted business rates can be used to boost the local economy. Within Nottingham, the Boots Campus, Abbey Street/Leengate, and...

City Centre Boundary

Boundary of City Centre for planning policy purposes.

Green Belt

The extent of the Green Belt around Nottingham - Derby which appears within the boundaries of Nottingham City. The Local Plan policy is to maintain the openness of the Green Belt.

Local Centres

The location of local retail centres within Nottingham City. These include a range of small shops of a local nature, serving a small catchment. Typically, local centres might include, amongst...

Landmark Buildings

The location of Landmark Buildings within Nottingham City Centre. Landmark Buildings are points of local interest and significance within the townscape.


Area of land prioritised for regeneration. The area lies to the south east of the City Centre, and comprises the full extent of the Waterside Regeneration Zone (as referred to in the Core Strategy).

Landmark Features

The location of Landmark Features within Nottingham City Centre. Landmark Features are points of local interest and significance within the townscape.

Primary Shopping Frontages

The extents of the Primary Shopping Frontages in Nottingham City Centre. These are the main retail streets but not exclusively.

Focal Points

Identified Focal Points relate to views within the townscape of the City Centre which need to be considered in the design of development.

Independent Retail Clusters

Retail designation; the clusters provide varied frontages to a series of main routes that link the City Centre to surrounding neighbourhoods. The clusters make a positive contribution to the...

Highway Route Improvement Safeguarding (Indicative)

Indicative area safeguarding for highway improvement routes within Nottingham City.

Land Safeguarded for Health Facilities

The extent of land safeguarded for the development of Health Facilites within Nottingham City.

NET Safeguarding (Indicative)

Area of land that is protected for future possible extension of the NET.

Local Plan Boundary

City Council administrative boundary


Comprehensive Environmental Improvements for Pedestrians and Cyclists - City Centre improvements to the pedestrian and public transport environment

Proposed NET Stop (Indicative)

Net stop proposed within the City Centre close to Broadmarsh and the new college site.

Minerals Safeguarding Area

Minerals Safeguarding Areas (MSAs) provide for the safeguarding of proven mineral resources which are, or may become, of economic importance from unnecessary sterilisation by non-mineral...